A to Z Football Betting Glossary

Online football betting is one of those sports betting types enjoying popularity nowadays, read on to learn more in our A to Z football betting glossary.

Football and betting both have their own terminologies and phrases, and if you don’t know much about either of them then things can quickly get confusing or even intimidating. However, our A to Z football betting glossary gives you the full information you might encounter if you’re new to betting on the world’s greatest sport.

Various sports books are offering online betting in football, with our a to z fooball betting guide, you to have an easy understanding to betting on your favourite teams.

A to Z Football Betting Guide

To get you going, let us share the things from A to Z football betting glossary that you must consider in online betting.


Accumulator – A single bet composed of a series of four (4) or more selections. For you to win, all results must be correct.

Asian Handicap – A form of betting that gives a team a virtual head star in multiples of 0.5 (1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and more). This eliminates the option of draw as a football team cannot score half a goal.

For example, Chelsea – 1.5 vs Hull City.  Unless Chelsea win by 2 clear goals, you lose your bet s they started 1.5 golas behind.


Banker – A heavy favourite and the betting option with short odds where the bettor needs to place a high stake in order for him to win big.

Bet – Exchanging money on the correct prediction or results of a match

Bookie/Bookmaker – A company licenced to accept cash from bettors to place bets and wagers.

BTTS (Both Teams to Score) – When both football squads are credited with a goal in a match.


Combination Bet – An option to cover your accumulator from losing by just one selection. You place numerous bets on every result selected. Example, if your combination bet has 5 selections, your combination could consist of 10 treble bets or 5 accumulators of 4 selections.


Double Bet – An accumulator bet of two selections. Example, for Real Madrid to beat Sevilla, and Manchester United to beat Manchester City. Both selections must be correct for you to win.

Double Chance Bet – When sportsbooks reduce the match outcome from three selections (Home Win, Draw or Away Win) to just two selections of Home Win or Draw or Away Win or Draw.

Draw No Bet – When a game result bet is void following a draw.


Evens in betting – When bookmakers think the chance of a result is 50/50 and the winnings equal the stake of the bet. Example, if you bet $10 and your evens wins. You win $20.


Favourite – Team, player or individual outcome that has the shortest odds or the event with the highest likelihood of happening.

First Goal Scorer – The player to score the first goal in a match

First half Bet – Bet on the outcome of the first half of a match.


Half Time Bet – Bet on the result at halftime of the match

Handicap – The system used to make betting on the favourites more interesting by giving the underdog team a “head start.’’. Example, if the team you picked starts with –1, it must win by two or more goals for you to win. If the selected squad wins by a point, it is considered a draw and you lose.


The IBAS – The Independent Arbitration Betting Service, an arbitration governor licenced to settle any dispute between bettors and bookmakers.


Longshot – Another term for underdog, a team or outcome is deemed unlikely to happen and should be reflected with high odds.

Last Goal scorer – who will score last in a game, excluding own goals, extra time or penalties.


Match – This particular wager involves taking your pick from one of two teams, where the implications of the bet are dependent on the outcome of an event.

Monkey – Slang for when bookmakers mean 500 pounds

Multiples – Also known as accumulators, multiples enable you to place more than one bet simultaneously.


No-action Bet –  A bet where no money is won or lost.

Number Spread – An index that obtains its information on the number of goals scored in a match.


Odds – The price or returns offered for a bet to be correct.

Odds-On – A price where the odds are less than evens. It is the opposite of Odds–Against.

Outright Bet– A wager on who will win a match.

Over – Also known as total goals betting. It involves the bettor taking their pick from two options where a draw is not possible. For example, over/under 2.5 goals.


Point Spreads – The predicted scoring differential between two opponents as quoted by a sportsbook.

Pony – Bookmakers’ slang for 25 pounds

Price – The betting odds.

Punters – People who do the betting.


Request a bet – Requesting a bet you can’t see in the sportsbook like William Hill or Bet365 and they can match your bet.

Runner – Someone who places a bet for a punter or bettor.


Sharp – A real pro or sophisticated gambler.

Singles – Betting on just one team, one game or one result.

Spread betting – Like the handicap betting, you can bet on whether you think a team will win by three points or one. For the spread to come true, you need a –2 score.


Treble – One bet with three selections in three different events. You need two of your minimum selections to get a maximum payoff.


Under – Another popular football bet, The opposite of Over. Example, under 2.5 goals.

Underdog – A team/individual that is expected to lose. 


Value Bet – Any odds that are better than the mathematical chance the team or player has of accomplishing the outcome. Example, 10/1 on Manchester City winning the competition.

Void Bet – a bet may be voided, which means canceled for a number of reasons, most commonly if a game is postponed or no longer valid for some other reason.


Wise Guy – A well informed or the knowledgeable handicapper/bettor.


Yankee – consists of 11 bets involving 4 selections in different events. The bet includes 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and an accumulator. A minimum of 2 of your selections must be successful to get a return.

Conclusion to A to Z Football Betting Glossary

If you first enter the world of online betting, it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of betting terms or terminology to master, and understanding the various elements of betting can seriously affect your enjoyment of the games. Taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the various terms or phrases will help you to feel more comfortable and sound like a serious player even while you learn the ropes.

The betting terms you will want to understand first will be the terms related to odds and placing bets. They are some of the common terms and will also keep you from being confused by the bookmakers. Once you have understand some of these terms you can move on to the more advanced and colourful bits of betting terminology.


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