Best Craps Strategy – Learn The Winning Craps Strategies

Craps is one of the most favored games of chance in the casino. From land-based casinos up to online gambling, it attracts countless players. Moreover, being good at playing craps takes certain skills, knowledge, and attitude. Moreover, it requires each player to follow the best craps casino strategy based on his or her style, budget, and needs.

What is Craps?

Craps is a casino table game where you can play with a very low house advantage. This game is 100% game of chance and you will never know the outcome. The results purely rely on the role of the dice. Moreover, no betting strategy can affect how the dice will roll. Hence, it cannot affect the number they rest upon.

With Craps, you can make the best bets out of all casino games. However, few sucker bets can make serious harm to your bankroll. Craps is a fast-pacing game. Before you play with seasoned players, you must know the rules and specifics of craps.

What is the best Craps strategy?

To win the game, you need to build the best crap strategy. In addition, the only winning strategy that you can make in Craps is when and how to place the bets. Craps rely on the wagers that minimize the house edge. Moreover, a winning craps strategy gives the player the best odds.

Are you looking for the best odds in craps? Find out more in these basic Craps strategy checklists.

What is the best Craps strategy?
What is the best Craps strategy?

Basic Craps Strategy Checklist

When you play Craps, there is no wrong answer in where you place a bet. However, we recommended the best and statistically proven crap moves. By adopting this play style, you will understand the strong and weak points of Craps. Moreover, it will help deepen your knowledge of the core aspects of Craps. Although it may seem intimidating, as you go through this article you can easily understand the gameplay. In addition, you can develop the best Craps strategy.

1. Play Pass Line Strategy

Do play the Pass Line. Pass Line bet is the important and best Craps bets that you should know. This serves as the base of many different betting strategies. We recommended that you bet the smallest limit on Pass Line. So that you can win the most money while keeping the house edge low. Pass Line bet is a great move on its own because of its low house edge (1.41%).

Before the initial roll, you need to place your bet directly on the “PASS LINE”.

Top tip: Have you notice the little puck on the Craps table? Well, it shows “OFF” before the initial roll.

When the shooter rolls 7 or 11, the Pass Line Bet rewards you with a 1:1 payout. Moreover, you lose on a roll of 2, 3, or 12, which is called “Craps out”.

However, when any of the numbers are rolled, then the puck will turn “ON”. Then, placed on the corresponding position at the top zone – the4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 areas. Moreover, when the “Box Point” is established, your goal is to roll the number on the top zone. If you do, then you win the game. However, when seven is rolled beforehand, then you lose.

Here, you are playing together with other players. It gives you better opportunities and payouts.

How to play Pass Line strategy?
How to play Pass Line strategy in Craps?

2. Craps Strategy – Don’t Pass Line

In a land-based casino, most players based their strategy on the Pass Line bet only. In this way, every player will either wins together or lose together. This is where it creates the whole “community” experience.

The “Don’t Pass Line” is the counterpart of the Pass Line. Therefore, you are playing against most players. However, this can be the best crap bets when you are not affected by the superstitions of other players. It is also the best bet to place when you are playing online.

Here, you will win when the shooter lands on the 2 or 3. Besides, you will lose when the dice rolls on 7 or 11. Moreover, the “Don’t Pass” bet will become a push when the dice rolls on 12. Then, the player receives their stakes back. In “Don’t Pass” the house edge is 1.46% which is slightly lower.

3. Play Pass Odds Strategy

Pass odds are played after the first roll. And this is some kind of side bet that increases your wagered amount and potential winnings. We recommend that you always play the odds on the Pass Line bet.

For newbie players, this type of bet might slip past your eyes. Because there is no marked area that indicates their existence. Yet, you need to learn how to play them. If you win, you can get the exact odds of the wager because there is no house edge on this bet.

When you are looking for the best Craps strategy guides, you will always read about Pass Odds Bet. Because the house does not take a percentage of your winnings.

Taking Odds is what you called when you can place Pass Odds Bets on:

  • Pass Line Bet
  • Come Bet

Laying Odds is the term used when you are placing Pass Odds Bets on:

  • Don’t Come Bet
  • Don’t Pass Bet

Take note that placing odds bets are not allowed on certain online games. Moreover, that the casino will limit the amount of money that you can bet. Normally, when playing Craps you will encounter the “3-4-5x” odds regulations.

In 3x Odds, you can bet up to three times the amount on your pass line bet for 4 and 10 point numbers.

For 4x Odds, this means you can bet up to four times the stake for the 5 and 9 point numbers.

In 5x Odds, you can bet five times for the 6 and 8 point numbers.

4. Play Up To Two Come Bets Strategy

How to play up to two Come bets strategy?
How to play up to two Come bets strategy?

Also known as the “Come” and “Don’t Come” Craps Strategy. This type of Craps Strategy is more advance than Pass/Don’t Pass bets. Come bet essentially acts as a new pass bet on the next roll of the dice. Essentially, come Bet works the same way as the Pass Line Bet. As well as, Don’t Come is similar to Don’t Pass Bet. The only difference is that Come/Don’t Come are placed after a point has been made in the come-out roll.

You have the chance to place a Come bet when the Pass bet becomes a Point bet. So, more numbers on the dice can result in winning. Here, you can place up to two of these at any one time.

What if you already establish a point with Come Bet, then the Pass Line bet wins?

In this case, a new round will starts. However, your stakes will remain on the point until that number or 7 is resolved.

5. Do Not Play Long Bets or Proposition Bets Strategy

The high payouts offered by this type of bet are tempting. However, these are unlikely to be rewarded. That is why, statistically, it is a terrible choice to place a bet on:

  • Long bets
  • Proposition bets
  • Field bets
  • Hard 8

What is the Proposition Bets in Craps?

The Proposition bets have large payouts. However, it also has a gigantic house edge on it. Props bets are the big area that contains the eight dice combinations. Moreover, the only case that you want to bet on them is when you have extra $1 chips on you.

What is the C & E in Craps betting strategy?

The C & E bets are one-roll bets with bad Odds. The letter “C” stands for Craps with a number 2, 3, and 12, while the letter “E” stands for 11. Moreover, you should keep away in Craps place bets.

What is the Big 6 & 8 Craps bets?

Some Craps tables do not feature this because this area is nonsensical. If you win on 6 or 8, you’ll get to pay 1:1. Nevertheless, you can place bets on the big six and eight. Wherein, you’ll get $7 for every $6 you wager.

How a field bets Craps strategy works?

Field bets are a bit confusing in Craps betting strategy. Other people say that it is a bad move to bet on it, while others say it can be viable.

How to play Pass Odds bets?
How to play Pass Odds strategy?

The field is what you called to the area you are placing bets. Moreover, it contains the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Field bets are a one-roll bet. Therefore, if the above-mentioned number does not appear on the next roll, then you lose. Oftentimes, the numbers 2 and 12 are encircled and the “PAYS DOUBLE” sign will be placed above them. In this case, the house edge will be 5.56% on the field bet – which is excessively high.

Additionally, if the “PAYS TRIPLE” sign is placed above the number 2 or 12, the house edge is 2.78%.

If this is quite confusing for you, you can check out some advanced Craps strategy.

Craps Strategy FAQs:

How do craps odds payout?

To calculate the Craps odds payout: Multiply the total number of units you want to wager by the amount the casino will payout if the stake wins.

By using the payout odds on landing a 4, you can multiply 2 by 9 to get 18. In summary, for a $10 bet, you can take home $18 when the dice rolls on four.

Why is number 7 the most common dice roll?

The number 7 is the most common dice roll because it has the most number of different combinations. When you add the two dice, it ends up to seven. For example 1-6, 6-1, 2-5, 5-2, 3-4, 4-3. Moreover, when you go through the other entire dice total, seven has that many combinations.

What does C & E pay in craps?

This bet offers split payouts based on the outcome. For an instance, you get a 3:1 payout when the dice rolled on 2, 3, or 12. Moreover, you can get a 7:1 payout when the dice rolled on 11.

What is the safest bet to make in Craps?

The most fundamental and simplest bet in Craps is the Pass bets. In addition, it is the safest bet to make because of the low house edge of 1.41%.

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