Betting The Edge: Ways To Get An Edge In Betting

There is always another edge you may obtain in sports betting, no matter what form of betting you undertake. When it comes to betting on the edge, we are often our own worst enemies.

There is always another edge you may obtain in sports betting, no matter what form of betting you undertake. When it comes to betting the edge, we are often our own worst enemies.

At first glance, sports betting appears to be a simple process. You just need to predict the outcome and wait for the reward. Well, that is in theory, at least. When you start betting on sport, you’ll see a whole different picture.

Profitable tippers appear to account for a small proportion of all bettors.

Why is this the case? Why are the majority of bettors unable to maintain a pace even after a promising start? Then, they will eventually finish up with a zero balance?

What exactly does the term “edge” in sports betting mean?

The ability to identify bets that have a higher possibility of occurring than the odds you receive gives you an edge in sports betting.

How to get an edge in betting?

It’s difficult to get an edge in this situation because it’s the best strategy to become a successful sports bettor. Bookmakers use statistics to establish odds. If you can find an advantage on one side, the next step is to find the best odds available at Singapore betting sites.

If you want to be a professional bettor, it will take time. Also, it may not be possible if you do not have the necessary tools. Edges can be found in a variety of places. You can find an edge in reported injuries before bookmakers can alter their odds. Betting the edge on a developing weather pattern is also advantageous for you. Either that or you come across something in a head coach’s press conference regarding how a particular player would be given more or less playing time.

How to get an edge in betting?

How to get an edge in betting?

If you aren’t a mathematician, these are minor advantages you have over the sportsbooks. Of course, finding news before Asian sportsbooks does not happen very often. It used to be easy to locate a local news nugget before a sportsbook, but that is no longer the case.

There are additional ways to get an advantage, such as betting with an edge. You can also get an edge in betting if you have a system that precisely rates a given set of teams. For example, you can develop your system for determining betting lines that outperform whatever the sportsbook produces. Again, this is a time-consuming process.

How can you get an advantage over the bookmakers?

In our betting on the edge strategy guide, you will find solutions to these and many other relevant issues.

The BettingEdge: A  Strategy To Get An Advantage Over The Bookmaker

Betting Edge Rule #1:  Avoid Betting On Your Favorite Teams

When your favorite team wins, you will love betting on them. Yet, this is bad practice in the long run. When you are biased, making good bets is incredibly tough. Worse, a favorite team’s loss can lead to a string of bad bets. Besides, there are numerous sporting events on which to place wagers. In addition, you can use free sports picks and bet on the edge. Then, sit back and watch your favorite team play while betting on other games, too.

Betting The Edge Rule #2: Make a plan for your funds and stick to it.

The idea here is to follow through on your plan. If you want to survive long enough to gain money, you must be prepared for losing streaks. It is critical to developing a strategy for managing – and protecting – your bankroll.

Why does bankroll management important in sports betting?

Why does bankroll management important in sports betting?

When betting on the edge, one sensible strategy is to bet the same amount on each bet. The logic is simple and clear: unless you have unique information on a particular bet, why would you suddenly wager more?

Sadly, this is a common mistake most gamblers make. After one or two bad losses, they try to double up on the next wager. So, they can balance the score. Yes, this high-risk strategy may work on occasion. However, the potential loss of your entire bankroll is too great.

A similar technique would be to only bet a set percentage of your bankroll on any particular bet. When betting with an edge, setting your bet amount to 1-2 percent will help you in the long run. Besides, you can raise this to a greater percentage. But in most cases, a conservative strategy is the only way to win over time.

The Betting Edge Rule #3: Shop Betting Line

After finding a bet you like, don’t just put it with the first

Once you’ve found a wager you like, don’t just stick with the first sportsbook in Singapore you come across. It is wise to shop around to different Asian sportsbooks like:

So, you can see if you can get a slightly better line somewhere else. These adjustments may appear minor. Yet, a few points increase in your winning rate could mean the difference between winning and losing money in the long run.

We advise that you keep some betting money in at least two different sportsbooks. This is because the lines change frequently.

Take the time to shop around and collect any extra points you can. If you’re in Singapore, we suggest using one of the numerous Singapore betting sites. By doing so, it allows you to instantly compare lines and place bets.

If you’re betting online elsewhere in the world, using various sites might provide you with the same level of flexibility. Therefore, you can get an edge against the bookmakers.

Betting Edge Rule #4: Don’t Just Follow The Crowd

Don’t just absorb the same information as everyone else. You won’t be able to beat the bookies to the information. Yet, the closer you can get to the source and the faster you can act it could result in a stronger line every time.

Keep Your Ears At the Bottom When Betting With An Edge

Knowledge is important, but it does not ensure success. If what you’ve learned is already common information, it’ll be factored into the probabilities. True value is derived from information obtained as close to the source as possible. Or, in the case of horse racing, “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

If you’re passionate about a sport, you need to know where the authentic sources are. This can be done via sport-specific websites or even Twitter. Most sportswriters break their news on Twitter. Therefore, following them could offer you an advantage over the crowd. Besides, Twitter is going to be your best friend if you are looking for genuine, uncensored sports updates.

Twitter has created new potential in this area, hastening the circulation of information. However, it has also sped up the time it takes for information to become common knowledge. It has also increased by rumor, speculation, and noise.

Betting Edge Rule #5: Check and Consider The Sources Of Your Information.

When betting on the edge, knowing how competent a source is critical in identifying whether or not the source is credible. Many handicappers provide their predictions. However, there is no assurance that their picks are quality.

Why you should verify your sources when betting the edge?

Why you should verify your sources when betting the edge?

Don’t let someone change your view simply because they have a site and claim to be the best handicapper in the business. If they are genuine, they will have a long track record. In addition, they will most likely demand a large fee for their predictions. Besides, mindlessly following them may not make you a winner. It is important to stay away from free picks and ‘locks’ from unknown sources. Make sure that the Asia Bookie of your choice is reliable and credible.

Betting With An Edge Rule #6: Respecting The Bookmakers

Don’t think that there is an error in the lines or that you’ve discovered an obvious value. Take another look at the match-up to see if you missed anything. Given the resources that go into setting lines, you should never assume that a line was set without very good reasoning.

How To Get An Edge In Betting? Don’t Avoid Making Special Bets

Bookmakers know little about special markets and exotic markets.

The scenario with special markets appears to be similar to that with exotic markets in that bookmakers know little about them. Most bookies offer such markets simply to keep up with the competition. However, this does not imply that they are more knowledgeable about the event. Despite their resemblance to typical betting markets, special bets function uniquely.

Among all others, no one can be certain of the outcome. You are not sure of the result, even when the league’s top-seeded team meets the team at the bottom of the standings. Furthermore, everything is plausible until the end of the match.

Other factors can come into play in the event of special bets such as:

  • Rumor
  • Guesses
  • Leaked information and more

Bookmakers use them to determine which possibility is more likely to occur than the other.

What is the best approach to identify value in sports betting markets?

When betting on the edge, finding exceptionally good value bets is not something that happens every day. Furthermore, the Tony Blooms of the world will not wager on European, or soft, bookies because their betting limits are too low.

Besides, there are a lot of value bets (1-5%) on Asian sport betting sites. They provide higher odds than sharp bookmakers even when margins are taken into consideration.

To determine whether a bet has value, an edge, or in other words is +EV (Expected Value) we suggest the use of an objective benchmark like vig closing line.

Beating the closing line when betting with an edge is a reliable indicator of long-term profits. This is because when the game begins, the market has found an equilibrium based on all of the information available to market participants.

In essence, money equals information. The closing line is what the market judges to be the best accurate odds based on all available information.

Regardless of which approach you choose to uncover value, you still need to compare your findings to the closing line. So, you can distinguish between talent and luck. As a sports bettor, you can try to find value on your own or use software that does it for you.

The Differences Between Success and Failure

In sports betting, the difference between making a profit and losing money is essentially variable. It simply depends on whose bookmaker you choose to bet with.

And, while profit margins are critical to making money, a huge majority of bettors are unaware of their importance. Looking at the varied margins on long-term break-even rates demonstrates this:

Betting The Edge: Knowledge is Power

When you understand margins, you’ve found a competitive edge that a bookmaker has over you. Therefore, you must now develop measures to overcome that advantage. Finding markets where you know more than the oddsmaker is one approach to get a leg up on the bookie.

Bookmakers are skilled and have a wealth of data at their disposal. Yet, they are not without flaws. Niche markets are an excellent illustration of this. Bookmakers frequently use minor leagues or novelty markets as a marketing tool to differentiate themselves from competitors. In addition, they also use it to boost acquisition or acquire exposure in new target markets. It’s not because they’re experts in those fields.

How to get an advantage over the bookmakers?

How to get an advantage over the bookmakers?

They may not know the complexities of third-division Russian women’s volleyball. Still, there is no reason why you cannot become an expert in areas where bookmakers’ expertise may be lacking.

The Olympics are a great example of this. Because bookmakers taking on sports in which they have no experience or user data. Furthermore, betting limits will be minimal. Nevertheless, this should be interpreted as an indication of the book’s lack of confidence.

Taking a Chance Outside the Box

Given the choice, would you rather wager on:

  • The outcome of an event that was known
  • Not widely known
  • An unknown event

The former is more appealing when betting with an edge.

This category includes any type of prize. So, before the award is announced, you must discover a means to peek inside the winner’s envelope. Information leaks, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes not.

Besides, sometimes the outcome is unknown, yet it is predictable due to motive. Consider reality television shows, when talent isn’t the main factor. A proclivity for controversy is vital as well. Therefore, you should look beyond the tight competition restrictions. In addition, investigate topics like program ratings and channel competition.

The Betting Edge: Cross-correlations

Finally, recognizing cross-correlations or dependencies is essential while betting the edge. Let’s say you research long-term forecasts and associate terrible weather with low scoring in rugby. Then, you can predict bad weather and focus on betting totals going under.

Furthermore, you can even perm your total bets for potentially profitable accumulators. It’s crucial to note, though, that correlation does not indicate causation when it comes to dependencies.

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