Cascading Reels Slots: How does this slot machine works?

Slot machines today offer many different features to make the game more exciting. There are new possibilities to win real money in online casinos – the cascading reels slots.

Slot machines today offer many different features to make the game more exciting. Gone are the days where online slots are simple. Today, the new generation of slot games brought along many variations. It also offers new novelties in terms of winnings. There are new possibilities to win real money in online casinos – the cascading reels slots.

What are cascading reels slots?

Cascading reels is also known as tumbling reels, falling reels, or collapsing reels. Tumbling reels slots are a modern type of video slot machine where the same symbols are connected:

  • Horizontally
  • Vertically
  • Diagonally

Moreover, when you formed a winning combination, the symbols will explode. Then, it will be cleared out to allow other symbols to drop into their places. Thus, giving you another chance to make another winning line.

With cascading slot machine games, you have the opportunity to win many times with one spin. The symbols will continue falling until there are no possible winning lines. The best cascading reels slots will continue to tumble, thus, gives you some huge prizes. That is why cascading slots are popular today.

cascading reels
What are cascading reels slots?

How do tumbling reel slot machines work?

The gameplay of cascading reels is very simple. After forming a winning combination, the symbols involved in this spin will explode. At this point, more symbols will start to fall replacing the spot of the exploded symbol. Here, the slot game will recalculate the possible winning combinations. Therefore, you may create another winning combination. On the other hand, you may trigger the cascading feature once again.

There is no limit to the number of consecutive tumbles you can trigger in cascading reels. The tumbling will only stop where there are no longer winning combos. In this case, you can get all the winnings that you collected during that spin.

Most popular cascading slot machine games:

  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Crystal Forest
  • Gustav Minebuster
  • Wheel of wonders
  • Bonanza Megaways
  • Jungle Jim El Dorado
  • Esqueleto Explosivo
  • Gemix
  • Golden Ticket
  • Wizard of Gems
  • Bonanza
  • Viking Runecraft
  • Pyramid Quest for Immortality
cascading slot machine games
What are the most popular cascading slot machine games online?

Learn how to play cascading reels slots for real money

  1. First, choose your favorite cascading reels online casino.
  2. Next, choose one among the best cascading reels slots.
  3. Then, try the cascading reels slots free demo. So, you can get hold of the game before you wager for real money.

Cascading reels slots and multiplier

Moreover, cascading reels can trigger other special features. In some cases, you can trigger free spins when you reach a certain number of consecutive tumbles. For each consecutive tumble, an incremental win multiplier comes along.

At this point, the slot does not multiply the base game winnings. Instead, the machine only multiplies the winning by some value. Usually, the multiplier is not too high. You can expect to get an x2, x3 multiplier. Therefore, every time you hit the value of the multiplier, it increases by one. Besides, there’s no limit to the max value you can achieve. This means that you can increase your total winnings on each spin.

This is why cascading reels is thrilling to play. In every spin, there is a huge chance that you can create multiple winning reactions. This results in higher multipliers.

What are the cascading symbols?

In cascading reels, when the cascading symbol exploded a new symbol falls above the reels. Thus, replacing the disappeared symbol on the playing area.

How do the cascading reels slots affect RTP?

The tumbling reels features do not affect the RTP. So to say, you can find cascading slot machine games that offer very high RTP. At the same time, there is very low RTP as well. So, there is no connection between the cascading reels and RTP.

Can the cascading reels affect the volatility of the game?

When you play tumbling reels slot machines, you certainly have more chance to win big. How so? The cascading reels slot games need to make up for the cascading reels payout during the base game round. That is why these slots tend to be more unpredictable as a rule of thumb. Anyway, this is just a general practice. Besides, it does not mean there are no low volatile cascading reels slot machines.

How do the cascading reels slots affect the winning hit frequency?

With cascading reels, we can say that feature has a great impact on the winning hit frequency. The hit frequency of cascading reels is not likely to go over 25-30%. This means that you cannot win too often. Because the tumbling reels are in place, you can spin the reels twice or more for the same price.

tumbling reels slot machines
How do the cascading reels slots affect the winning hit frequency?

Different types of cascading reels slot machines

The types of cascading reels slots can vary into two categories.

In terms of how many times the slot can cascade:

  • It can have an unlimited number of times it can cascade.
  • On the other hand, the slots can only cascade once per spin.

In terms of which slots symbols allowed during the tumbling round:

  • Some symbols may only appear during the cascading round – extra scatters.
  • Alternatively, there is no other symbol during the tumbling round. You can only get the same slot symbols as it was on the base game round.
  • During the cascading period, the wilds or scatters may be excluded.

Cascading reels vs. standard reels: Which one is better?

With cascading reels, you have a more chance to win. Because of the extra shots, you get by having winning combos in one spin. Aside from that, the cascading can continue as long as there is a combo. There is no limit of consecutive tumbles, so expect that the payout will keep coming. Yet, you need to stretch your bankroll playing cascading reels slot. Unlike when you play a standard reel, you can wager on a minimum.

Does tumbling reels slot machines rig?

Although it offers unique features, cascading slots are still operated by RNG. In which, the algorithm sets where symbols will fall out on the reels. In short, the outcomes are random and the game is not rigged.

Cascading Reels Slots FAQs:

What are cascading reels slot machines?

The tumbling reel slots offer a cascading reels feature that clears out the symbol when a winning combination is matched. Then, the other symbols will fall out on the reel and replace the exploded symbol. Thus, it allows you to form another winning combination.

What is the advantage of playing cascading reels slots?

The cascading reels slot machines make your online gaming experience more exciting and thrilling. It also gives you more chances to win big prizes.

Do tumbling slot machine games trigger free spins?

Yes, sometimes it can trigger free spins when you reach a certain number of consecutive tumbles. Moreover, during a consecutive tumble, an incremental win multiplier gets also.

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