Casino Whale: What are they and why does the casino love them?

The gambling world is like a vast sea that is full of different sea creatures and casino whale is one of them. They are the top players in a casino and often have ties to high-stakes gamblers.

The gambling world is like a vast sea that is full of different sea creatures and casino whale is one of them. Yet, they are not something you are likely to see surfacing off the coast of Vancouver or the Cape of Good Hope. Thus, these people are found in the gambling palaces of Macau, Las Vegas, and Monaco and they are BIG. Big Spenders that is, and the casinos love ’em.

Casino whales are a rare breed of gamblers. They are the top players in a casino and often have ties to high-stakes gamblers. In this blog post, we will explore where the term came from and give you some fun facts about casino whales. 

Even so, what is a high roller?

What is a casino whale?

Casino whale is a term that refers to a wealthy gambler who bets large sums of money on any casino game. The phrase has gained popularity in recent years. However, it can be traced back to an article published by Sports Illustrated in 1982. 

The term originates from an old casino tradition called whale chum. It refers to throwing out buckets of fish guts into the water surrounding a whaling boat. Then, it attracts sea mammals like humpback whales that fishermen used for their oil.

What is a casino whale?
What is a casino whale?

Casino Whale Gambling Trivia:

The term “whale” is said to originate in the competitive gambling community – in a poker, scene to be exact. Mostly, poker regulars tend to categorize players into seeing life-inspired categories. Moreover, this depends on their poker skill level. 

  • Fish – refers to the weak poker players.
  • Sharks – pertains to the professional poker players who hunt the fishes. 

The same goes for money that players stakes. Hence, recreational poker players are also considered fish. Thus, high-stakes gamblers are named after the largest sea creatures.

Today’s modern casino whale is more likely to be found at your local casino on a slot machine than in the ocean. Yet, they still attract other big spenders with money to spare – especially when it comes to gambling! These people gamble all day long.

How much does high roller or casino whale bet?

For you to become a high roller, you must wager large sums of money in a casino. Then, what does high roller mean? 

Should I have a high economic status? 

Or, do I need to become a celebrity to become a high roller?

A high roller meaning does not have to be a person with a particular social and economic status. Instead, as long as you put a hefty amount of money in the gambling table – you are considered a casino whale. Moreover, they can bet up to $100,000 per hand at Blackjack or poker tables.

Thus, if you are wondering how to become a casino high roller, the answer is very simple. 

All you have to do is prepare a lot of money. Then, inform the casino how much you are putting in your bankroll. However, you cannot spend a lot of money in one gaming session and expect to be a high roller in an instant. 

Still, you need to keep doing this over and over again. This means that you do need to gamble with high stakes regularly. That’s the time the casino will consider you as a high roller. 

In high roller definition, the more money a casino whale leaves in a casino, then, the more that casino loves them. Additionally, they will find ways to keep them as their regular customer. 

How much does casino whales gamble?
How much does casino whales gamble?

What are the ways to reach high roller status?

Reaching the casino whale or high roller status is not confined to complete a special task. Rather, there are many ways to become a high roller. 

In whale gambling, you can do anything from placing high stakes to depositing to noticed. Here are the different ways to become a high roller.

Always Stakes High

Making large bets is the most obvious way to get the casino’s attention. Of course, the amount you need to bet should be differ based on the casino you are playing. 

For an instance, you’re consider a casino whale at a regional casino when you always bet $100 each hand. However, this is a completely different story when you play at a Vegas Strip Casino. Here, you may need to wager $100,000 each hand to be a high roller.

Make a big deposit on your bankroll

Some casinos are more interested in how much you are willing to deposit instead of the bet sizes. By depositing a big amount, you are giving the impression that you’re willing to lose plenty of money too. 

When you deposit at least $100,000, except that you’ll be treated well in any casinos. Certainly, you can still get special treatment when you make an initial deposit of $10,000. 

Bet big at smaller casinos 

Small casinos value players who bet big. If you want to experience special treatment, you can target smaller gambling venues. Here, you can expect that they’ll treat you like royalty. 

Become a Non-Gambling Casino Whale

Did you know that you can collect casino rewards and bonuses at the casino without gambling?

Most casino resorts offer several entertainment choices for their players. 

Here, you do not have to noticed by staff to earn casino comps. Instead, all you have to do is register for the casino rewards program. 

Talk to the casino host about the high roller’s requirements

Casino hosts are here to help their players happy. Thus, they spend time appeasing casino whales. 

Therefore, if you are into high rollers gambling, then, you should first talk to the casino host. 

The casino host can set up comps to your preference. As well as handle any other arrangements that you may need. More so, you can even develop a good relationship with the hosts of your favorite casino. 

Wager big in the beginning and at the end

Betting big at the beginning is one technique to get more comps. Because the pit boss monitors your first few wagers at the start of the gambling session. Thus, it determines how you will be rewarded. 

After the pit boss leaves, then, you can lower down your bets. If you do this, you surely get comped on the higher wagers. 

Play in the high roller slot machines

Oftentimes, casino whales are found at the table games. However, some casinos feature high roller slot machines that deliver good comps. 

What are the perks of being a casino whale?

What are the perks of being a casino whale?
What are the perks of being a casino whale?

Being a high roller status comes with so many perks. This includes:

  • The casino is willing to spend money to send a private plane to fetch you. 
  • Being a casino whale means being showered with free champagne.
  • Casino high rollers always get free accommodation in a casino’s expensive hotel suites. 

Those were just some of the many lists of perks that you could get as a casino whale. Not to mention that many average players wishes and eager to become a high roller. However, when you renowned as a high roller, you probably can afford to pay for these luxuries anyway. 

How much does casino whales bet?

The criterion to become a casino whale varies from casino to casino. Even so, all these criteria have the same basic rules – you have to bet big.

The question here is how much is big though.

How much the stakes depend on what casino you are playing at. The amount may vary greatly from whether you are playing in Atlantic City, Vegas Strip, or Macau.

Generally, most casinos in Vegas will begin to take a keen interest in you when:

  • You are always staking between $500 and $1000 on each hand. 
  • In addition, you always visit their casino regularly. 
  • Yet, you will only feel the full high roller treatment when your stakes excess of $100,000 on each hand.
  • Furthermore, the program stipulation is much lower when you visit casinos that are less likely to attract “REAL” casino big spender. In this case, you may only need to stake about $100 per hand to be a high roller. 

Likewise, online casinos lower the bar to be a high roller. In addition, they tend to focus a lot more on gamblers that make big deposits instead. Since most online games have, built-in bet limits. Therefore, you may not be qualified to wager as much as you want. Unlike, land-based casinos, you can stake without worrying about the betting limits. 

Having said that, online casino operators may regard you as a casino whale if you make a $50 or $100 stake regularly. Subsequently, they may give you the privilege to games with increased limits. So that you are now able to make even bigger bets. 

High Roller Gambling: High roller slot machines online

High roller slot machines online are for the elite online gamblers. To find one, you need to log in to an online casino site that offers the highest limit online slots games. More so, you can seek out high-stakes table games like Poker, Blackjack, or Roulette. 

What are high roller slot machines online?
What are high roller slot machines online?

Oftentimes, you may not think that high rollers play slot machines. Yet, some casino whales love the thrill of staking it all on one spin. Well, there are online slot machines for whale gambling. Here is the list of online slots that we consider suitable for high roller gambling.

  • White King
  • Fire Joker
  • 7 Sins
  • Hall of Gods
  • Wolf Gold

Casino Whale FAQs:

How much do whales gamble?

Oftentimes, casinos consider players to be high roller when they regularly wager high stakes. They would likely pay $1M to $20M for a few days with a single bet of $500 and $1000 per hand.

What is high roller definition?

The high roller refers to a person who gambles for high stakes. You’re accounted to be a high roller when you regularly put a hefty amount of money on the casino table. Besides, you can bet for up to $100,000 per hand at table games. 

What casino comps do casino whales enjoy?

In every casino, high rollers or whales often get the best of the best in terms of rewards. We all know that gambling tables have bet limits. Thus, whales have higher betting limits compared to the average person. They also enjoy the special treatment in terms of transportation, penthouse suites, top-shelf liquor, and more. 

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