Craps Table Odds and Bets: What You Need to Know?

Understanding the Craps odds and bets is very important. It aims to guarantee that you don’t lose your entire bankroll during a live game.

Understanding the Craps table odds and bets available is very important. After all, it aims to guarantee that you do not lose your entire bankroll or humiliate yourself during a live game.

In addition, you may usually hear slang and Craps terms like “Horn Bets” and “Lay 10”. So, if you are a beginner you may typically confuse or put off even the most degenerate casino goer.

Fortunately, the rules of Craps are straightforward. Although, it may take some effort from you to learn the language of this game. Therefore, before you play Craps for money at top Live casinos in Singapore, make sure you read everything on this page.

What are the Craps odds?

Odds are the ratio of the number of times something will not happen to the number of times it will happen. If the probabilities of an occurrence are assessed to be 1:1, it signifies that the event has an equal chance of occurring or not occurring.

Also, Craps are played with two dice, wherein there are six possible results because each die has six sides. Since two dice equal 6 x 6, there are 36 different combinations on each roll.

Furthermore, only one combination can result in 12 (6 + 6). Therefore, the likelihood of this occurring on any particular roll is one in thirty-six.

Like many other casino game rules, the Crap rules payout odds that ensure the house makes a profit in the end. For example, let us assume you place a bet on “any sevens”. It means you are wagering that the following roll will be a seven.

What are the Craps table odds?

What are the Craps table odds?

In addition, the odds of hitting a seven on the next roll are 5:1. It means that if you bet one dollar and win, then you will receive a payout of five dollars. However, the casinos only pay you four. This is because most bets in most casino games have been adjusted in this manner. In reality, it is precisely this behavior that provides the casino with a house edge.

Understanding the Craps table odds

For example, Craps odds can be expressed as 2-1 or 2 to 1, with a 1 credit bet returning 2 credits. In short, odds of 2 to 1 refund the original 1 credit investment as well as a 1 credit profit.

How to calculate odds in Craps?

Understanding the odds of each number coming up before a 7 will then help you become a more smart Craps player.

With two dice, the odds of rolling a 5 before a 7 are 6 to 4. Therefore, we get these odds because there are six ways to make a 7 compared to four ways to make a 5.

To determine this, multiply the number of ways a 5 can be formed with two dice.

1 + 4; 2 + 3; 3 + 2; and 4 + 1;

In this case, we have four instances. Then, compare this to the entire number of combinations that two dice may make, which is thirty-six.

We now have a four in thirty-six, or one in nine, the chance of getting a 5 on any given roll. To put it another way, the odds against rolling a 5 are 8 to 1. This is because there are eight chances of not rolling a 5 against one chance of rolling a 5 for a total of nine rolls. In addition, the “true odds” of rolling a 5 are determined in this way.

What is the house edge in Craps?

We all know that the house edge is the built-in mathematical advantage of the casinos over the player in a casino game. In addition, you can consider it as the amount of profit earned by the casino over time. Besides, it is the percentage of the casino to the player’s original bet.

In Craps, the house edge fluctuates according to the Craps bets available. Notably, the Craps game has one of the lowest house edges in the casino. Furthermore, certain Craps bets have no house edge at all. Of course, the house edge might reach as high as 16.67 percent on other types of bets, too.

The longer you play and no matter how you bet, the less likely you are to win. In addition, anyone can win in Craps. However, it is not a wise Craps strategy to try to win back the money you’ve lost. By doing so, it is more probable to result in future losses.

Craps Table Odds and Payouts

Type of Craps Bet True Odds Payout House Edge
Pass 49.3% 1/1 1.41%
Don`t Pass 49.3% 1/1 1.4%
Pass Line – 4 or 10 33.3% 2/1 4.76%
Pass Line – 5 or 9 40% 3/2 4.76%
Pass Line – 6 or 8 45.5% 6/5 4.76%
Don`t Pass Line – 4 or 10 66.7% 1/2 2.44%
Don`t Pass Line – 5 or 9 60% 2/3 3.23%
Don`t Pass Line – 6 or 8 54.5% 5/6 4%
Field Bet – 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 44.4% 1/1 5.5%
Field Bet – 2, 12 44.4% 1/1 5.5%
Place Bet – 4 or 10 33.3% 9/5 6.7%
Place Bet – 5 or 9 40% 7/5 4%
Place Bet – 6 or 8 45.5% 7/6 1.52%
Hardway – 6 or 8 9.1% 9/1 9.09%
Hardway – 4 or 10 11.1% 7/1 11.1%
Any 7 16.7% 4/1 16.9%
Any Craps 11.1% 7/1 11.1%
Craps – 2 or 12 2.8% 30/1 13.9%
Craps – 3 or 11 5.6% 15/1 11.1%

What are the best ways to bet on Craps table?

Pass Line Bet

House Edge: 1.41%

Odds: 251 to 244

Pays: 1 to 1

When playing Craps, the Pass Line is the most basic and popular wager. In addition, it is quite easy to position and has one of the lowest house edges, which is 1.41%. Furthermore, the pass line bet, often known as “with the dice”, is the most prevalent Craps bet. Moreover, this is also the reason why many players or shooters are choosing it.

Furthermore, a pass line bet enables you to place chips on the “Pass Line” part of the table. So, if the shooter’s come-out roll is a 7 or 11, then you will win even money, which is a 1:1 payout. However, if the come-out roll is 2, 3, or 12, then you lose your pass line bet.

Therefore, if the shooter rolled any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), then it will become a point. In addition, the shooter will keep rolling the dice until he or she rolls a 7 or the Point. As a result, you win even money if the shooter first rolled the point. On the other hand, if the 7 comes up first, you lose your bet.

Don’t Pass Line – Craps Table Odds

House Edge: 1.36%

Odds: 976 to 949

Pays: 1 to 1

How does Don't Pass Line bet works?

How does Don’t Pass Line bet works?

On the Don’t Pass Line, you bet or lay the shooter on his first roll. Moreover, this is just the inverse of a pass line bet and is often referred to as betting against the dice.

Then, place your chips in the narrower portion just beyond the Pass Line labeled Don’t Pass to make this bet.

If the shooter rolls a 2 or 3, you win immediately. Then, you will receive an even money payout, which is 1:1. However, you lose if the shooter rolled a 7 or 11 before the Point is established. So, if the shooter rolled a 12, then, it will be a Push (draw). Thus, you can generally abandon this bet.

Therefore, if the shooter rolled any other number (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10), then the point number is established. After this, you will earn your money back if the shooter rolled a 7 before the Point number. Also, you lose if the point comes first.

Taking/Passing the Odds

House Edge: Zero


4 and 10 pays out at 2:1

5 and 9 payouts at 3:2

6 and 8 payouts at 6:5

Pays: Same as Odds

After establishing the point, you can then place an extra bet known as Taking the Odds or Passing the Odds. Here, you are betting on the Point number coming up before a 7. In addition, the payout is shown in the Craps table layout odds. Moreover, the probabilities for particular numbers vary according to how likely they are to be rolled.

In most cases, the payoffs are as follows:

Taking/Passing the Odds Craps Table payouts

Number Payout
4 2:1
5 3:2
6 6:5
8 6:5
9 3:2
10 2:1

Furthermore, the odds bet is the best Craps bet that you can make. This is because the house has no inherent advantage on this bet. Also, you will receive the payout of free odds bets at true odds. Therefore, the casino has no house edge when you make these bets, making Craps an even game!

Come Bet – Craps Table Odds

House Edge: 1.41%

Odds: 251 to 244

Pays: 1 to 1

What is the Craps table payout for Come bet?

What is the Craps table payout for Come bet?

This is identical to a Pass Line bet. However, you can only place the Come bet after the point has been established. Also, the following roll becomes the Come Out roll for your bet and determines your Point. Therefore, the payoff is determined by the following criteria:

  • 7 or 11 (also known as a Natural), pays out at even money (1:1)
  • 2, 3, or 12 (also known as Craps), you lose your bet
  • If the shooter neither rolled the numbers above, then (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) will become the point for your stake. In case the 7 comes before your point is rolled, then you lose your bet. On the other hand, you win if the shooter rolls your come point.

Craps Table Payout for Come Bet

Number Payout
4 2:1
5 3:2
6 6:5
8 6:5
9 3:2
10 2:1

Don’t Come Bet

This is similar to a Don’t Pass Line bet and the opposite of Come bet. In addition, you can only place the Don’t Come bet after the Come Out roll. To make this bet, simply place your chips in the “Don’t Come” section of the craps table layout odds. Furthermore, you lose on 7s and 11s, while you will win on 2s and 3s. However, the number 12 is a “stand-off.”

In this game, you win if the shooter rolled a 7 before your “come-point”. Also, you lose if the “come-point” is made before a 7.

Place Bets – Craps Table Rake

House Edge:

6 and 8 is 1.52%

5 and 9 is 4.00%

4 and 10 is 6.67%


7:6 on 6 and 8

7:5 on 5 and 9

9:5 on 4 and 10


6:5 on 6 and 8

3:2 on 5 and 9

2:1 on 4 and 10

You can place bets on certain point totals, wherein the place numbers are: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. Moreover, place bets are similar to odds bets in that no pass line bet is required, but they do not pay as much odds.

You win if the shooter rolled your number before a 7, However, you lose if a 7 appears before your point total. In addition, you will receive based on the table below.

Place Bets Craps Table Payouts

Number Payout
4 9:5
5 7:5
6 7:6
8 7:6
9 7:5
10 9:5

Placing the 6 or 8: Craps Table Odds

A place bet is a wager that one of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 will be hit before a 7. In addition, you can place a place bet at any time by tossing your chips on the table. Then, tell the dealer, ‘I want to place the 6’ or whatever number you want to bet on.

As you can see, the greatest idea for you is to put a wager on 6 or 8, because these bets have the best odds and a strong possibility of winning.

What is the best way to bet on Craps table?

What is the best way to bet on Craps table?

So, you can get the most out of your Craps gameplay. When you do, you’ll find yourself lucky playing at the best Live Dealer Casino in Singapore since you know the odds and the best bets.

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