Double Down Blackjack: How do you double down and when to do it?

Do you want to level up your Blackjack strategy? Double Down Blackjack is, without a doubt, one of the most thrilling and exciting moves that you can do.

Do you want to level up your Blackjack betting strategy? Double Down Blackjack is, without a doubt, one of the most thrilling and exciting moves that you can do. In addition, it provides you the opportunity to enhance the value of your original share by up to 100%. It also allows you to increase your wager in the middle of a hand in exchange for an extra card.

However, this betting technique is a bit of a gamble. Because when you receive a particularly low-value card, it usually ends your betting. Thus, you cannot hit again. So, what does double down mean in Blackjack? In this article, we will delve into details in these Blackjack betting options as well as when should you do it.

What does double down mean in Blackjack?

Doubling down is an excellent betting strategy in Blackjack. Here, you can double down your stake on your original two cards before the dealer gives you an additional card. Moreover, you can place another stake equal to the amount of your initial stake. The dealer will then deal you with one card. After receiving your third card, then your hand is over. Also, you should wait and see what’s the dealer card is. Then, the dealer will then settle all the bets at the end of each hand.

If you are interested to try this betting strategy, then it is important to check the Blackjack double down rules. Because some Blackjack variations will only let you double down if your total hand value is 9, 10, or 11. Whilst others will let you double down on any total.

What does double down means in Blackjack?
What does double down means in Blackjack?

Furthermore, Double Down Blackjack often leads timid Blackjack players to avoid this bet. While the more adventurous ones are attracted to it. To maximize your potential of winning, you must try to balance out a sensible safe play and risky double downs. 

Blackjack Strategy: When can you double down in Blackjack?

Nowadays, there is a Blackjack strategy for everyone because there are so many options and the current play is constantly evolving. However, it is difficult to say which Blackjack betting strategy is best.

Fortunately, Double Down Blackjacj bet simple serves to raise your stake by the same amount after dealing with your two cards. You may quadruple your wager’s profit by doing so. Thus, it can somewhat balance the presumed house edge of Blackjack to some extent. Then again, whether you are playing in a land-based casino, Live Blackjack dealer, or RNG mode, you need to learn when to double down.

Double Down Blackjack: Having a “Hard” 10

More often than not, you can choose to double down if you have a possibility of making a combination of 10 from two cards when there is no Ace. In theory, this is a good thing to do because the chance of landing a ten-point card is extremely high. Furthermore, you also have a high chance of beating the dealer if you have a 7, 8, or 9.

Notably, if you find that the dealer also has a Hard 10 or Ace, then, doubling down is not recommended. You and the casino both have an equal probability of winning the hand. However, you can run the risk of danger of losing more money than normal.

The dealer’s hands are low

When do you double down in Blackjack?

Well, if the dealer has a low card, then this is an excellent example and a strong indication that you should place a double-down wager. It’s also worth emphasizing that you should be cautious with your cards as well. However, if you have a 17 or 18, it is always preferable to “stand”. Because if you double down, you can easily get caught or busted.

Notably, when you double down in Blackjack, you can only get one more card. So, once you commit to this wager, you won’t be able to hit any other cards!

Can you double down all the time?
Can you double down all the time?

When to split and double down in Blackjack?

Do you two eights? If so, then you could split your pair of eight and double down. Whether you are playing at a land-based or online casino in Singapore, splitting your pair allows you to double your winnings.

However, there is no reward without risk in Blackjack. Thus, the opposite result has the same percentage. Based on statistics, splitting your pair of eights is the best thing to do. Because having a total hand value of 16 is the worst in Blackjack.

After dealing with your additional two cards, then you have the choice of whether to stand, double down, or hit. Then again, we remind you to choose your options carefully. At the same time, consider the dealers’ cards when deciding to double down.

Double Down on Blackjack when you have two Aces

Do you have a pair of Aces in hand? Then, lucky you because this is the best thing that can happen to players. However, because these games have more complex rules, pair of Aces is somewhat not the best hand. 

Then again, pair of Aces provides you with a great way to turn your disadvantage into an advantage. Also, it extracts as much value as possible in a game of Blackjack. When you split your hand and use a double-down Blackjack, you are more likely to get a 21. On the flip side, you can only deal with one card per Ace when you split your pair.

Look at the cards of other players

Although this advice is not based on statistics, rather on the possibility of a particular combination. When you are playing Blackjack and plans to double down, it is best to look at the cards of other players.

Most especially if you are playing a two-deck Blackjack because this could reduce or increase your chances of landing the desired card. Since Blackjack games are face-up on the board, you should use that information. So, if the table is full then other people can see your cards too.

When NOT to Double Down on Blackjack?

  • Never double down when the dealer shows you an Ace. Because he has a very high chance of getting a Blackjack. Even though at the time the dealer checks his card and doesn’t have a Blackjack, he still has a good chance of ending up closer to 21.
  • Never double down on Blackjack when you are showing anything higher than 11. Because there is a high chance of you going bust. Instead, you should simply hit or stick having a lower hand total.
  • Furthermore, it is to stick to the safe option and keep your stake as it is when you are unsure of doubling down.
  • This is also the reason why most Singaporean players are doubling down all the time at Blackjack. Because they are often afraid to lose a big amount of money at a significant rate. Notably, you shouldn’t double down on Blackjack on the majority of hands. Thus, only take the risk when you are sure it’ll be a sure hit.
When you have a pair of Aces, what would you do?
When you have a pair of Aces, what would you do?

How to signal Double Down?

When you found the opportunity to double, there is only one thing you need to do. You need to push a stack of chips next to your initial stakes. Also, the amount you will double down should be equal to the value of your initial bet.

Sometimes pushing extra chips doesn’t work, although this is only about a 1% chance of happening. Then, you need to simply tell the dealer that you want to double down. In addition, you need to point one finger to signal that you want one extra card.

Bear in mind that you shouldn’t put your chips on top of your initial stakes. This action could only frown upon by dealers and other casino staff as it could mean that you have tampered with your initial bet.

Can you double down in Blackjack after splitting?

When you look down at the  Blackjack double down rules, normally, you won’t be able to double down after splitting. However, some online casinos in Singapore allow this to happen. If you can double down after a split, then you should use your decision-making skill very well. Thus, you need to evaluate any normal hands dealt with you before doubling down.

Double Down Blackjack: How many cards can you receive?

When doubling down, you will get one additional card only. This is a common mistake of newbie players, they think that they will receive as many cards as they want when they double down. This is a risky move that you shouldn’t make because you can end up having a low hand when you dealt with a low card.

Double Down Blackjack: What are the odds and percentage?

Here is a brief guide on when can you double down in Blackjack based on statistics and facts. This will serve you are a guide of when you should not place a double down bet. In addition,  we only used combinations of up to 16 total hand values. Because if you have a hand higher than that, then it is advisable to just stand.

When can you double down in Blackjack?
When can you double down in Blackjack?
  • You got a total hand of 16, then you have a 62% of hitting a losing combination. In addition, you only have a 7.7% chance of hitting 21.
  • Having a total hand of 15 gives you a 54% of getting a losing a combination while 7.7% odds of getting 21.
  • A total hand of 14 gives you a 46% of making a bad combination while you have a low chance of 7.7% of getting Blackjack.
  • If you got a total hand value of 13, then you have a 38% chance of hitting a losing hand. In addition, you also have a low chance of getting a Blackjack, which is 7.7%.
  • The same goes with a total hand of 12, where you only have a 31% of hitting a losing hand. Also, there is a low chance of hitting a Blackjack, which is 7.7%.
  • A total hand of 11 or less gives you a 31% odds of hitting a Blackjack. Moreover, there is a zero chance of getting a losing combination.

As you can see, in 3 out of these 6 situations, you will more often lose than winning when you decide to double down.

Double Down Blackjack FAQs:

Is it possible to double down on 21?

Definitely, no. You cannot double down on 21, instead, the dealer will pay you right away when you get Blackjack. Thus, you cannot do anything else with your card.

In Blackjack double down rules, should you always double down on 11?

Generally speaking, yes you should always double down on 11. Because this is a good way of winning some money while playing Live Blackjack online, most especially if you are a casual Blackjack player.

Is it possible to double down after hitting?

Just like doubling down after splitting, most of the time, you cannot do this after hitting.  Because this will give you too much edge against the casino. After hitting in Blackjack, there is nothing much you can do rather than hit again. Thus, you cannot split or place an insurance bet.

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