eSports: How to get into competitive gaming?

Do you want to know how to become a professional player? Then, you must learn how to get into competitive gaming before you proceed to your eSport career.

Do you want to know how to become a professional player? Then, you must learn how to get into competitive gaming first.

The gaming scene and industry are reaching the level of popularity that you couldn’t imagine it would be. Moreover, nobody thought that many people would make a living from competitive gaming when the Atari system was released and Minesweeper was the best game available.

Now, there are many fascinating aspects concerning this new industry. So, join us as we delve into details what are fundamentals of competitive gaming and eSports. To begin let us first start by defining the term “competitive gaming” and “eSports”.

What are competitive gaming and eSports?

Electronic sports or eSports is a virtual video gaming sporting competition that includes:

  • Multiplayer gamers
  • Individual gamers
  • Professional gamers
How to get into competitive gaming?
How to get into competitive gaming?

Furthermore, it also includes viewers who gather to watch professional gamers competing in live gaming tournaments. eSports became a popular practice in the 2000s. Since then, a large number of live streaming of various gaming events also skyrocketed.  

Gaming refers to the only act of participating in eSports. And those who participate in this activity are called Gamers. The term “competitive gaming” has a broad definition. For example, competitive gaming is when you and your friends are playing League of Legends games.

When you enter the Summoner’s Rift, you need to put all your abilities and skills to the test against other ambitious players. Since the outcome of each game is still unknown, one thing is certain: there will be a winner and a loser. Also, all players are competing to climb the leaderboards. Moreover, they need to prove their talents against their opponents in such competitive games.

So, what exactly is competitive gaming?

Aside from its broad definition, competitive gaming also has a lot more to offer. Many new eSports teams have arisen during the last decade. While some of them are solely focused on a single multiplayer game, others have rosters dedicated to many titles.

When you’re playing at their level, competitiveness takes on a whole new meaning. Each of these gamers becomes a professional player. As a professional gamer, it means you will be compensated for your efforts in the same way as a Formula One driver or a football player would. As the best live casino site for Singaporean players has demonstrated, playing from home can be just as exciting and rewarding as playing in person.

eSports – A type of competitive gaming

eSports is a type of competition that is mostly conducted through the use of video games. Unlike other sports, competitive gaming is relatively new to the gaming industry. Although it is only a few decades old, the industry has experienced a massive increase in popularity and public interest.

Furthermore, there’s something about the social side of eSports that contributes to its success, similar to the best online casinos in Singapore.

In reality, the number of people watching eSports has risen from 225 million in 2015 to over 660 million in 2020. According to some estimates, by 2024, the number of watchers would have surpassed 900 million.

Every year, plenty of eSports events and tournaments take place. Moreover, there is a match almost every week because they are spread among many popular competitive multiplayer games. The eSports sector works similarly to traditional sports leagues like the NBA and NFL.

Also, the popularity of virtual game sports has increased the desire of spectators to wager on these online battles. As a result, many of the premier tournaments have odds available at some of the best sportsbooks in Singapore.

So, how to get into competitive gaming?

Back in the day, gaming used to be considered a “waste of time”. That is why the competitive gaming scene is buried deep underground. Today, competitive gaming and esports can now provide you with a wealth of opportunities. Besides, it can even be a legitimate career path if you are into gaming.

How to get into competitive gaming?

Find a game that you excel at

It is very important for a newcomer to the gaming community to first find a game that you are comfortable with and excel at. You need to know what type of eSports game that you want to compete in. The following are some of the most popular esports games:

  • FPS = First Person Shooters
  • RTS = Real-time Strategy
  • MOBA = Multi-player Combat Arena Games
  • Sports
  • Fighting
  • Card Games

Most Famous eSports or Competitive Games

  • League of Legends (LOL) – Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game
  • Dota 2 – MOBA game
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – First-person shooter (FPS) game
  • Hearthstone – Card Game
  • Fifa – Football Sports Video Game
  • Overwatch – First-person shooter game
  • Fortnite – Battle Royale – Third-person shooters game
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – First-person shooter (FPS) game
  • Starcraft II – Real-time Strategy game.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer – UEFA Champions League fantasy game
  • Pokémon – Strategy video games

How to get into competitive gaming: Picking a gaming platform

After picking your game, the following step is to choose a gaming platform. You can play your chosen game on a variety of platforms. It might be anything from the popular PlayStation to the Xbox, or even your personal computer (PC). To set up your chosen platform, you may need to spend a little money.

For example, your PC may require upgrading to a much faster processor than you currently have. Consider it an investment that will pay off in the long term when you become a pro gamer.

In addition, you also need to chose which platform you are comfortable using. Are you a console, PC, or mobile gamer?

What are the best competitive gaming websites?

Competitive Gaming: Learn the necessary tactics and techniques for the game you want to play.

If you want to learn how to get into competitive gaming, then you should start attending eSports competitions. In addition, you should start watching live gameplay of top professionals. This provides you with an instinctive consciousness of the gaming experience that you may use in your gameplay.

Furthermore, it gives you the impression of what a professional competitive gaming career would be like. In addition, watching live broadcasts of expert gamers or studying tricks and skills from video tutorials will help you a lot. Besides, watching the live streams is a sure way to help you on how to get into competitive gaming. You can also discover useful gameplay tips on “Twitch” and “YouTube”. Here, you are guaranteed to find other eSports players who are actively playing your favorite game.

Make sure you study your game by heart

No matter how great you are, still, some people will be better than you. Probably, one of those people is streaming live on Twitch or uploading videos on YouTube. Most eSports games have plenty of lessons available on YouTube and other websites.

In competitive gaming, there are many strategies and these strategies are also continuously changing. That is why you have to devote your time to learn more about the “Meta” aspects of your game.

What is Metagaming?

Metagaming is a term used to describe the practice of playing games. It is any strategy to a game that goes beyond or works outside of the game’s established rules. Metagaming uses external factors to influence the game. Moreover, it goes beyond the game’s claimed bounds or environment.

Collaborate with Other Players: How to get into competitive gaming

You’d frequently come across gamers who were interested in the same or similar games like yours. It might be done through:

  • In-game chat
  • At an esports tournament
  • Social media

You must connect with them instead of letting them go because iron sharpens iron. Regularly communicating with other gamers like you allows for the exchange of experiences and gaming ideas. Besides, it can help in building your confidence. Moreover, there is a big chance that you will receive the latest and more important game-related news from your gaming peers.

Hire a coach to help you learn more about competitive gaming games

Getting a coach to help you improve in eSport is a great option if you want to build a profession out of gaming and tournaments pay well. Coaches are hired for a variety of sports, pastimes, hobbies, pottery, golf, piano, and more. Esports can have a steep learning curve, and you’re probably already behind the curve.

To practice something you’re not excellent at, you’ll have to waste time practicing things you’re already good at. The major advantage of hiring a coach is that it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to improve in your eSport.

Hiring a coach who is better and more experienced than you is nearly always a surefire approach to improve faster. Another advantage is learning how to accept criticism and suggestions. These two can be difficult abilities for many individuals to master.

How to get into competitive gaming? Practice regularly.

Most probably, you have heard the expression “practice makes perfect”. This is where it comes into play. To perfect your talents in your chosen gaming games, you must put in long hours of practice.

Not just long hours of practice, but hours of practice with other well-experienced players above your skill level. By doing so, it will help you achieve your aim of becoming a professional gamer in the long run.

Learn to explore different competitive gaming games

Do you want to learn how to get into competitive gaming and want to become a professional? If so, the word EXPLORE is for you most especially if you are living in a city with many gaming companies. Because many opportunities are hanging loosely from these companies now and then.

However, if you stay indoors all day instead of reaching out, then you’ll miss out on opportunities that may propel you closer to your ambitions.

How to contact local gaming/esports companies?

Make a short, honest explanation of your passion for esports. You can also include your:

  • Skillsets
  • The specific field of specialization
  • How you’re looking for ways to break into the business

Notably, avoid pestering them at all costs. You never know when you’ll be called up.

How to get into competitive gaming? Join a team

As you become more competitive, you also need to get more experience on a team. That is if you are playing a team-based game. This does not imply that the first team you join will be the team with which you will spend the rest of your gaming career. You’ll need team experience to join bigger and stronger teams, period. This will also help you become more well-known and involved in the community.

Reddit and Discord are good sites for first-timers wishing to join a team. You can start writing a post or respond to one. Alternatively, you can just simply hang out for a while in this online community to establish a relationship with other players too. Millions of other gamers are in the same boat as you. They are also trying to join a team for the first time just like you.

Forming a team of competitive gamers

Are you tired of dealing with tryouts or don’t want to be assigned to a bad team? If so, then you can create your team and take charge of it. This will also provide you with experience in roles other than esports. It will provide you with significant experience that you may apply outside of gaming.

You can play with your friends and joined a league as well. While improving your skills at a rapid pace, you are also having fun at the same time.

How to get in competitive gaming?
How to get in competitive gaming?

Compete in online tournaments

After joining or forming a gaming league, you can now compete in tournaments. If you want to get into competitive gaming and want to play a team game, then you need to join one. To learn each other’s playstyles and come out on top, you must constantly practice with your team.

Winning an online tournament is the icing on the cake. Because it will provide you with the necessary notoriety to achieve your esports dreams of becoming a pro gamer.

Establish a reputable presence on social media

Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch can be used to establish an audience of eSports fans and supporters.

One way to do so is to post your:

  • Own gameplays
  • Video tutorials of gaming content
  • Stuff relevant to esports
  • Developing happenings in the esports scene

There are gaming agents who keep track of players with a good social media presence and contact them.

Is it possible to gamble on eSports tournaments?

Yes, you can virtually bet on everything, including video game competitions and matches. To do so, visit the best sports betting in Singapore and finish the registration process. However, keep in mind that your chosen operator might not have the leagues you are looking for. Always check to see if your favorite competitive gaming events are followed by the bookmaker.

How to get into competitive gaming FAQs:

What is the purpose of competitive gaming?

Competitive gaming is a broad term that can refer to a variety of activities. It is when someone plays a multiplayer game in which they compete against other players. In any case, such a battle might be between casual fans of the game or professional competition.

What exactly is eSports?

Esports is a type of video game sport-themed competition. Fifa competitive game, for example, is very comparable to real football. Although two athletes manage all virtual field players, the same strategy rules apply. In addition, they also held tournaments and titles, too.

How much does a competitive gamer or professional player earn?

It’s impossible to estimate the entire earnings of a competitive gamer. That’s because there are a lot of variables at play. Tournaments, sponsorships, collaborations, and other methods are used by competitive gamers to make money. In any case, if you become recognized for your gaming abilities, you will be able to make a few million dollars.

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