Everything you need to know about Prop Betting!

What is Prop betting?

Prop Betting is commonly known as a novelty bet or a side bet, it is a bet based on events that would transpire or not transpire within a game. They are typically differentiated from the typical betting options available as they offer a different type of perspective or option bets within a game. In different games, a prob bet sometimes feels like a mini-game of some sort from your actual bet. A proposition bet is made with differences that may occur within a specific set of scenarios. If you to know the other types of Bets go here.

Prop Betting in Different Sports 

Proposition Betting happens differently in various types of sports. Here are some examples of some:

  1. Coin Toss – Whether a specific team gets a head or tail. Typically found in American Football
  2. First to get a strikeout – First pitcher in an MLBB game to get a strikeout.
  3. MVP – At times occur at the end of a game as they announce who would receive the most prestigious award for the best player all-around.
  4. First Goal – Found in major leagues in football such as EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, and more!

Proposition Betting is a lot of fun! It provides punters more options to choose from and has garnered the following of long time enthusiasts to bet on such occurrences.

How to Win a Prop Bet?

Most of the time, prop bets are made in a way that they can’t occur, a goalkeeper in football to score, a hat-trick from the least favorable player, and many more. But some can be won with the chances of them doing it. A good proposition bet can be made in such a way that if there is any possibility for a thing to transpire, for example; a famous football team like Manchester City can score up to 4.5 goals average in a game, a good prop betting option for that team is if they can score 6 goals. Knowing a team, it is possible that they can do over a 6-goal game, but the occurrence of such is so low, that its odds are way higher than expected.

Here are some tips to know when and how to do this prop betting option:

  1. Knowing well a team, or player can help your chances of getting a high winning proposition bet. If you feel like they are able to in that round, and all signs are leading to it, make the bet.
  2. Timing your options is also a great opportunity for prop bets. Let’s say an all-important player is injured, and the team they are against is good, there is a chance that a prop bet in their favor may come up. Watch out for that!
  3. Counting your chances and evening out your budget is a good way to go! A prop bet is supposed to be part of the fun, and if you are not careful, you may lose a ton. So always think through as it is still a betting option!

That’s it! Prop betting is easy to understand. There are many more to tackle about these options but it is much better to experience it first-hand with all of our amazing options available! In short, What are you waiting for? Check out now our comprehensive guides on where to bet for your next game!

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