Gambling Laws All Over the World

Gambling laws vary from country to country. Some countries allow gambling, while others outright ban such types of activity. There is also a separation between traditional gambling and online gambling. The complexity of gambling laws makes it hard to track how the nation handles such types of activities. Let’s take a look at some laws on online gaming in different parts of Asia.

How does gambling law apply to different countries?

Due to the wide coverage of gambling laws, we are going to cover some countries in Asia. There are laws on online gaming that are a little bit different compared to online gambling USA laws. But there are two major factors when trying to consider where to bet online. 

  1. It is unusual for it to be explicitly illicit to use an online gambling site.
  2. Licensed and regulated gambling sites are notably the safest.

You have to remember that online sites have regulations and licenses. You can see this on the actual online gambling website you are playing. Just remember to check in on the online website you are playing at.

Online Gambling Laws in Asia


gambling law in malaysia

From a technicality standpoint, online gambling laws Malaysia states that it is illegal to perform this activity. But with the online transactions moving fast and quick, online gambling is also overlooked and just not noticed in the country. We also need to remember that there are laws within the country such as the Sharia Law that prevents Muslims from engaging in such an activity.



One of the stricter countries, there are 2 legal online betting options for Singaporeans in the country. But betting on online gaming websites outside the country is not being looked at with all seriousness. The citizens are also fans of long term offshore options available for them.



Almost all gambling activities in Thailand are illegal. The national lottery and some horse racing betting are allowed. But its laws do not have a focus on online or internet gambling. With the law being unclear, online gambling in the country still is a thriving industry. With more than 60% of the population engaged in some kind of gambling, there is no doubt that the country is lax when it comes to their gambling regulations. 


gambling law in vietnam

With the recent relaxation of gambling laws in Vietnam, foreigners are allowed to bet on local traditional casinos. With the most recent allowing sports betting. This opportunity sees Vietnam as one of the rising countries when it comes to gambling. This also is a good indication that online gambling is slowly going to be integrated into the country’s gambling laws.


gambling laws in china

One of the strictest when it comes to their gambling laws, China is not allowed to do or practice any type of online or offline gambling. With the country also having a great block on their internet service, many online casinos are blocked and inaccessible in the mainland. But even with these in place, many players are still coming from China, and many online casinos accept them.

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