Gambling Phrases, Casino Terms, and Lingos for Beginners

The gambling world is very rich with gambling phrases and casino sayings. But don’t get intimated by the gambling terms that you may hear. Hear are the useful casino terms that you could use.

The gambling world is very rich with gambling phrases and casino sayings. It has its own set of words, slang, and idioms. The casino has its own rules of conduct, too.

So, when you decided to visit a land-based casino for the first time, you might get intimated by the gambling terms that you may hear. You may be afraid about showing yourself up in front of other casino players.

Nevertheless, do not fear because you can make yourself competent in any situation. You can save yourself from looking like a newbie by learning a plentiful of handy gambling phrases. Therefore, you will look like a seasoned gambler.

Common Gambling Phrases and Casino Slangs

In this article, we will get you familiarized with the most useful casino phrases and slang. You will be more confident approaching any tables now that you understand the casino lingo.

Common Gambling Phrases A-B


You will often hear these gambling phrases from the card table especially in poker games. When you say “All-in”, it means that you are betting everything that you have left. To continue the game, your opponent must match the amount you wager to stay in play. Otherwise, he must fold. When you choose to go all-in, you are simply endorsing that you have a great hand. Alternatively, it can be a powerful tactic to scare your opponents.

What are the common gambling phrases and casino terms?
What are the common gambling phrases and casino terms?

Ace in the hole

This is another gambling phrase you will often hear in poker games. Ace in the hole refers to the unseen advantage you are holding over others. Wherein, you can use your Ace card to your advantage at the right time.

Barber Pole

This is a casino term used for more than one color/denomination in a stack of casino chips.


When you decided to sit down at card tables, you need to convert your cash for casino chips. Buy-in refers to the total amount you spend. In Poker competitions, buy-in pertains to the cost of entry to join the tournament.

Casino Terms C-D


When you visit a casino, you are also hoping to make some profit. If you do, then, you won’t get any money from the dealer. Instead, you will receive a casino chip. Then, you will take these chips to the cage. A cage is a secure cash area of the casino where you can convert your chips to cash. 


It refers to cheating at a casino table by placing extra chips on top you the initial bet once the round begins.

Dirty Money

It is casino slang referring to the losing bets gathered by the casino dealer.

Double or Nothing

This casino term refers to the type of bet used in Roulette. It is an even-money bet wherein you can double your money when you win. However, you will get nothing when you lose.

Casino Sayings E-F

Eye in the Sky

It refers to the casino staff watching and surveying the actions on the casino floor.

Eighty-Six or 86

If you exhibit undesirable behavior in the casino, then you will be “86’d”. This is a casino rule wherein they excluded/evicted undesirable gamblers inside the casino permanently. You will also hear this term in nightclubs and bars.

Flat Betting

This casino term refers to the method of betting the same amount each time. Therefore, you are neither raising nor lowering the amount of bet.


This is a casino slang used for betting large amounts at casino games.

Common Gambling Phrases G-H


This gambling term is used when you are consistently staking small amounts of bet. Thus, you are making a planned bet based on the probabilities of the game. It is also a safer bet that yields a larger return. Overall, it is a great way of playing that does not attract too much attention at the casino table. 

Hot streak

This gambling phrase refers to a player who is experiencing a winning streak. A “hot” slot machine is a slot that regularly paying out its player.

House Way

Another poker term describes the set of rules that all casino dealers must follow when they are constructing their two hands.

Gambling Idioms and Lingo I-J

In the cards

It is gambling saying that means something is predicted to happen. Thus, it can be an outcome or a result.


Another word for gambling term vig or vigorish. This is a casino lingo referring to the commission get by the casino. Moreover, you will usually encounter this term from gambling games like craps, baccarat, and sportsbooks.

Jacks or Better

It is a poker term for a variation of video poker wherein only hands with a pair of Jack or higher wins.

Casino Gaming Terminology K-L


A poker term for the card that does not take part in evaluating the rank of the hand. Instead, this card may be used in breaking up the ties between the hands with the same rank.

Load up

This is one of the slot machine phrases for playing the max bet at a slot machine or video poker.

What are the common gambling phrases?
What are the common gambling phrases?

Low Triple

It is a craps term for a roll of triples with the numbers 1, 2, or 3.

Gambler Terms M-N


This is a poker term referring to an extremely strong hand.


It is a poker term used when you play more than one table of online poker simultaneously. 

No dice

This is a gambling phrase used when refusing to accept a particular thing. No dice also indicate something that has zero percent of probability success.

Slot Machine Phrases O-P


This is one of the popular slang used when referring to a slot machine.

Scared Money

It is one of the gambling phrases referring to a bankroll that a player cannot afford to lose. Moreover, scared money is a stake limit that is too high for a player’s bankroll.

Payback Percentage

Also known as Return-To-Player (RTP). This slots terminology refers to the amount of money particular slots will return to their player.


This gambling slang refers to a player who is easily get manipulated. Thus, this type of player gambles impulsively and without much thinking on their bets. Therefore, they are an easier target of professional players to make money from.

Gambling Terms Q-R


This is poker terminology referring to a hand containing four cards of the same rank.

Quarter Bet

A Roulette term that refers to four numbers with a single bet. It is also similar to a corner bet.


A casino lingo referring to a player who is slowly putting away chips during a play. So, it gives it will look like he/she is not ahead of the game.

Reverse Tells

It is a poker term that describes the expressions, body language, and repeated actions of a player in similar situations. Usually, it also intentionally give false information about the hand that a poker player has.

Real Stop Slot

It is one of the slot machine phrases referring to a game that allows players to skill-stop each reel one after another. However, it rarely happens on a casino floor.  

Common Gambling Phrases S-T

Streak Betting

This term refers to a progressive betting system that is based on previous losses and wins. Thus, you can either increase or decreases your bet every time you win or lose. Moreover, you can use this betting system in Roulette.

Suited Connectors

It is a poker term referring to cards of a consecutive rank of the same suit.


This is a casino term for a tip. Although it is not mandatory, it is polite to give tips to the dealer. You can give tips after a good pot or whenever you are having a winning streak.

Tapped Out

It is a gambling term for a player who is totally out of cash.

Gambling Terminology U-Z


This is a casino lingo referring to a bad bet.

Up the Ante

You will often hear these gambling terms on poker tables. It means that you are increasing the mandatory pool amount before each round.


This gambling term refers to the commission/fee that the casino gets during the specific bet. In addition, the vig is often getting in games of craps and baccarat. Also, bookmakers take vig on bets. 

Casino Games Terms: W-Z


It is a casino term referring to any type of bet, stake, or betting.

White Meat

This is one of the gambling phrases for gambling profit.


Casino Whale. Cheetah. High Rollers. It is a derogatory casino term that describes a wealthy player that always betting a large amount of money. These casino players do not care whether they win or lose, they just want to have fun.

What is a casino whale?
What is a casino whale?

X-amount of stacks of color

The X-amount refers to the desired number of the pile of casino chips. While the color refers to a certain type of casino chips.


This is casino jargon for Your Hand Sucks. It also refers to a bad hand in poker.


This is another casino jargon referring to number 11. Oftentimes, you will hear “Yo-leven” in craps. So, the players will not mistake it for seven.

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