How to Understand and Beat Wagering Requirements

One of the initial questions that we get is what are wagering requirements and how to beat them? A lot of people might be unfamiliar with the terms and names that come up when you play an online casino. So, here is a quick rundown of what they all mean.

What is a wagering requirement?

Also known as playthrough or rollover requirement. A wagering requirement is how many times you need to bet the bonus. You need to fulfill this condition before you can withdraw your winnings from it.

For example, you receive your first deposit bonus. Oftentimes, this deposit bonus comes with wagering requirements or turnover. Let’s say you deposits $100, then, you will get a 100% first deposit bonus. In total, you now have $200. However, the wagering requirement attached to it is x15. It means that you need to play your deposit bonus x15 before you can withdraw any winnings!

What is the function of wagering requirements?

The wagering requirements are hard for many casino players. However, they are not a trick from the casino to make more money from their players. They do, in fact, have a legitimate answer.

The truth is that these rules are in place to make sure casinos follow anti-money laundering laws.

If there were no wagering restrictions in online casinos, it would be easier for fraudsters to clean up their money. They can easily deposit and withdraw their money right away.

Best Way to Beat Wagering Requirements

Online Casino Wagering Requirements at times are really hard to overcome. But you need to remember that there are times when these requirements can be beaten. You just need to learn when, how, and what approaches are needed to get into the flow of a casino game.

Online Casino Wagering comes in many different forms. However, the most commonly used one is in form of multiplying a said amount to the initial deposit. How do we beat these wagering requirements and get a hold of a better and bigger winning?

Here are some tips to beat the wagering requirements:

  1. Watch Out for Online Casino Wagering Bonuses that are low. At times, online casinos tend to give out low multipliers for the best value. Furthermore, there are cases that these requirements are so low, like 2x only. However, you need to take note of how to approach them as there is still a chance of losing this bonus.
  2. Be mindful of the amount of your deposit. Your initial deposit counts in this manner! A higher deposit means you need to wager more money. When multiplied, it equates to a longer and harder online casino wagering requirement. For example, if a casino gives you a high deposit rate and the bonus is 100%. However, the wagering requirement is x30. It means you need to wager it thirty times your total amount.
  3. Slow and Steady is Better.You need to be mindful of big bets when your deposit is under a wagering requirement. As long as you are within this aspect, you cannot withdraw your winnings. Just remember to have patience and do not risk it all when playing in an online casino.
  4. Take time reading the fine print. Any legitimate online casino must follow the gaming commission’s rigorous guidelines. One way to make sure all the terms and conditions are disclosed is to make sure that they are prominently displayed. You should be able to find vital information about your bonus right here. The following are some things to look into:
    • Minimum deposit required
    • Wagering conditions
    • Winning cap
    • Time limit
    • Games that are eligible
    • Bonus bet limit

Of course, we cannot overemphasize the importance of this. Don’t sign up for a bonus unless you’ve read or at least skimmed over the terms and conditions.


How to Beat Wagering Requirements is one of the goals when you are starting in an online casino. These high requirements are a wall that the players have to get over when they want to use these good bonuses.

A lot of experienced and veterans in the game know about the risks when they play. They know what to expect when playing with this wagering requirement. You need to map out all the paths and be focused on what online casino games you are playing. Remember that there is a lot of possibilities when doing so! If you’re betting on any sportsbook, to beat the wagering requirements, check our sports betting sites offer reasonable odds to different sports betting events in the world!

Take one example of a big dragon-tiger game, players tend to focus only on one betting side, a banker, or a player. If players are betting on this game, they need to pay attention to how the deck changes throughout. That way they won’t lose more than their wagering requirements. All of these are just one part of all that is when it comes to beating wagering requirements. Always remember, that a small gain is better than no gain at all.

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