Learn Blackjack in less than 5-minutes – Betting Guide

Do you want to learn Blackjack faster than you ever thought possible? You only need to know how to add and subtract numbers in your mind.

Learning Blackjack doesn’t require you to be a math genius. It is truly so basic that even a 10-year-old can master it with a little practice. Besides, the math behind the Blackjack strategy is pretty much straightforward. Do you want to learn Blackjack faster than you ever thought possible? Honestly, you only need to know is how to add and subtract a little amount in your mind.

What are the Blackjack rules?

Before we proceed, we want to acquaint you with the game’s rules, card values, and everything else you need to know about Blackjack.

Blackjack is a well-known card game in which you compete against the dealer. The goal is to defeat the dealer by scoring as close to 21 points as possible without “going bust”. Blackjack regulations require you or the dealer to bust – if your hand value exceeds 21.

When playing Blackjack, there are three methods to win.

  • Get a Blackjack while the dealer doesn’t have one. A Blackjack, often known as a “natural,” occurs when you score 21 with the first two cards given to you.
  • Beat the dealer without busting by scoring higher.
  • Watching the dealer bust by surpassing 21.

Blackjack is popular among gamblers because of its simplicity of rules and advantageous house edge. With a house edge of just 0.5 percent, you can swing the Blackjack odds in your favor by adopting a basic Blackjack strategy.

Learn Blackjack: The Card Values

Blackjack is usually played with six 52-card decks, although you can also play Blackjack with just one or more. In addition, the dealer’s number of decks has a direct influence on the house edge. When you play a single deck Blackjack game, the house edge is only 0.17 percent, compared to 0.64 percent when the dealer uses six decks.

Do you want to learn Blackjack's basic strategy?

Do you want to learn Blackjack’s basic strategy?

It’s critical to know card values in blackjack like the back of your hand, regardless of how many decks are there. Aces, faces, and numbers are the three types of Blackjack card values.

Let’s take a deeper look at each card’s value:

  • Number cards from 2 through 10 are worth their face value.
  • Face cards such as J, Q, and K are worth 10 points.
  • Aces are worth either 1 or 11 points.

The Blackjack Table

  • In Blackjack, up to seven people can play at the game table shaped in a semicircle.
  • With players seated around the table, while the dealer sits or stands behind the table. Base refers to each sitting position, with the position closest to the right being the first base.
  • In a clockwise direction, you will receive your cards coming from the shuffling machine. The table’s felt is also printed with Blackjack rules and payouts.
  • The Blackjack table consists of seven boxes in which you can place your bets. Moreover, you can put multiple bets on different positions all at the same time.
  • The dealer will distribute cards in front of you at your designated location.
  • You can play a Blackjack game with 1 to 8 52-card decks, depending on the Blackjack table you are playing with.

Learn Blackjack: Soft Hands vs. Hard Hands

The soft hand and hard hand are the two types of hands in Blackjack. Soft hands contain an Ace that can be worth either 1 or 11, according to the Blackjack rules. If you have a soft hand, you can’t go bust. A hard hand, on the other hand, occurs when you don’t have any Aces or you’re forced to count Aces as one point. With a hard hand, busting is possible, leaving you with a difficult option to make.

Before you set to the Blackjack table, you must know the difference between a soft and a hard hand. You will notice that Blackjack dealer rules such as “dealer must hit soft 17” are printed on the felt. When the dealer has an Ace and a six, he must hit for a total of 17 points. In other Blackjack varieties, regardless of whether the hand is soft or hard, the dealer needs to stand on 17.

How to play Blackjack step by step?

In this guide, we’ve broken down each step of the game to create a complete picture of how to play Blackjack. During a normal round of Blackjack, our step-by-step guide covers everything from making your bets at the start of a hand to the big reveal when you find out if you’ve won or lost.

1. Select a Blackjack table and place your bets.

Choosing a table is the first step in playing Blackjack, whether at a land-based casino or one of the best live casinos in Singapore. Make sure that you know the minimum and maximum bets at each table before you sit down. Then, put place your bet in its designated area for the next hand.

2. Learn Blackjack: Dealing with the cards.

Each Blackjack player who places a bet will receive two cards that are both facing up. The dealer, on the other hand, will also deal with two cards (one facing up and one facing down) for himself.

3. Blackjack action depending on your dealt cards.

It’s time to make a decision now that you know the worth of your hand and the dealer’s up-card. The Blackjack rules will eventually determine your selections. Here are the five of the most common Blackjack actions.

  • Stand – Notify the dealer that you don’t want any more cards given to you.
  • Hit – If your total hand value is low, you can request an additional card.
  • Double Down – To acquire one additional card, you should double your original stakes before standing.
  • Split – To split a pair of cards into two hands, you need to place an additional stake.
  • Surrender – When you think you’re going to lose, take back half of your wager and fold the hand.

4. Determining the winner.

After calculating the total hand worth of each player, it’s time for the dealer to flip over his second card. Depending on the value of their hand, Blackjack rules define whether the dealer must stand or hit. After that, the hand’s winner is then proclaimed and paid the bets.

Common Blackjack Rules Variations

The number of rule variations and conditions that can alter a game is amazing to learn. In addition, you’ll get fascinated at how it’s played after learning how to play Blackjack. Knowing some of these Blackjack rules are critical since they can affect the game’s odds and your chances of winning.

What are the common Blackjack rule variation?

What is the common Blackjack rule variation?

The following are five of the most prevalent variations:

Early Surrender

Before the dealer checks their hand for a natural blackjack, you can surrender your hand for half of your stake. It’s one of the most confusing blackjack rules, yet it’s rather simple. Having said that, this Blackjack rule is not widely available at online casinos in Singapore.

Re-Splitting Aces – Learn Blackjack

If you get another Ace after the initial split, you’ll rub your hands. In this case, you now have an opportunity to win a lot of money by hitting two natural Blackjack. Moreover, you are still in a solid position to defeat the dealer’s hand, even if you don’t score 21 with both hands!

Split Any Time

Do you have 2 cards of the same value touching each other? If so, although it is rare, this Blackjack rule allows you to split a hand after drawing an extra card. A hand with cards valued at 3, 2, and 2 is an example of this type of hand. If you want to, you can split the deuces.

Doubling After Splitting

This Blackjack rule isn’t permitted in many Blackjack versions for a reason. This is because when you divide a pair, your chances of winning also increase significantly. If you were dealt two 10s, for example, splitting and then doubling would give you a huge advantage over the dealer.


When the dealer’s upcard is an Ace, you can buy insurance with this side bet. It pays off at a rate of 2:1 and costs half of your initial stakes. Sit back and wait for the dealer to show a 10, J, Q, or K to make natural Blackjack. If the dealer gets a Blackjack, you win your insurance bet.

Learn Blackjack: What are the potential winnings?

The game tables determine the minimum and maximum bets. A popular scenario is to double your stake or lose your money on a wager. The blackjack winner receives a payout of 1.5 times their original bet (3:2).

What are the odds of winning at Blackjack?

What are the odds of winning at Blackjack?

Use a Blackjack Perfect Strategy Chart

In Blackjack, the game reaches its climax when your two face-up cards are handed, as well as the dealer’s unique card. Right now, you can pick whether to draw, double, stand, split, surrender, or buy an insurance bet.

We suggest that you utilize the Blackjack strategy chart to reduce the house edge to less than 1%. Depending on the number of decks used on the table, this Blackjack strategy somewhat changes.

Learn Blackjack: How to read the Blackjack strategy chart?

Blackjack decision matrixes, often known as Blackjack charts, are tables with several rows and columns. After a player gets the first two cards and the dealer shows his up-card, the chart shows the best possible options and movements he can make in a particular situation.

It lists the five main options available to players at any given time:

  • Hit
  • Double down
  • Split
  • Surrender
  • Stand

Furthermore, there are two broader rows in the standard Blackjack strategy chart. On the left, it represents the player’s hand, while on the right, it represents the dealer’s upcard. The player’s hand is represented by rows in a Blackjack chart, and the dealer’s up cards are represented by columns. In some strategy charts, the dealer’s up cards as rows while the player’s hand is as columns.

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart

Single Deck, Dealer Stands on Soft 17

Single Deck, Dealer Stands on Soft 17

Depending on the chart you choose, you may opt to hit or stand (Blackjack hit stand chart). These are not the only two possibilities available in Blackjack. Thus, the majority of charts contain extra actions. Let’s take a look at their abbreviations and what they signify.

Additionally, in the case that the dealer is permitted to hit on soft 17, there are a handful of other alternatives accessible in the charts

  • H = Hit
  • S = Stand
  • Dh = Double down if allowed, otherwise hit
  • Ds = Double down if allowed, otherwise stand
  • Rh = Surrender if allowed, otherwise hit
  • Rs = Surrender if allowed, otherwise stand
  • Rp = Surrender if allowed, otherwise split
  • P = Split
  • Ph = You should split if you’re allowed to double after hit. Otherwise, hit.
  • Pd = If you’re allowed to double after hit, then you should split. Otherwise, double down.
  • Ps = You should split if double when you’re allowed to hit. Otherwise, stand.

Note: In several Blackjack cheatsheets they use “+” for hit and “-” for a stand. Apart from that, you could come across charts with a “/”, and Dh and Ds are occasionally represented by “2x” in various colors.

Learn Blackjack FAQs:

Why does the Blackjack strategy chart so difficult?

Blackjack strategy charts appear to be difficult to understand since they include a large amount of data in a purely mathematical manner. While the charts set out the core strategy, no player can interpret all of the information. Then, simultaneously execute the plan into the current game. Pro gamblers must learn to understand Blackjack matrices and make them work in their favor in a casino or online Blackjack after years of practice.

What are the basic Blackjack rules?

Blackjack is played to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. While you have complete discretion over your actions, the dealer’s actions are regulated by a set of Blackjack rules. Depending on the type of Blackjack game you’re playing, there are different rules. You won’t have any trouble moving between versions if you have a fundamental grasp of how to play Blackjack.

How do you get the best Blackjack odds?

For starters, you may choose from the lowest-house-edge Blackjack games. Why would you sit at a Super Fun 21 table with a 1.30 percent house edge when you can just play Blackjack Switch with a 0.17 percent house edge instead? Making optimum moves, of course, is an important aspect in obtaining the greatest Blackjack odds. To increase your chances of winning, stick to a simple Blackjack strategy.

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