What is the Legal Age to Gamble?

Different rules and regulations are surrounding the legality of gambling when it comes to age. It differs from country to country and is followed strictly and observed with diligence. Many online casinos, especially the ones present in the traditional sense, are adhering strictly to these different rules in regulations.

So what are the legal ages allowed to gamble?

Let’s take a look in some countries around the globe:


gambling age in Singapore

Singaporeans are known to enjoy gambling a lot. With the top casinos present in the country, the regulations are practiced with strict adherence. The legal gambling age for Singapore is 21 years old.

The United Kingdom

gambling age in UK

As the world developed, so as the British love for horses, football, and gambling. With all the top leagues happening within their country, it is without a doubt that many people, especially younger football fans trying to get into the action. The legal gambling age is 18 years old for people to start betting in different adult entertainment centers.

The United States of America

gambling age in US

Known for the most extravagant events in the world of gambling, the USA is also known for locations such as Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and many more states. There are two different gambling age allowed which are 18 and 21. These ages vary depending on which state they are intending to play.


gambling age in Thailand

There some things surrounding the status of gambling in Thailand. As their government stated, the gambling avenues that are allowed are all state-sponsored. These are the horse races and the government-sanctioned lottery. Though the legal age to engage in activities is 15, the gambling age is not enforced strictly. Most of the gamblers in Thailand are around the working-age or adults.


gambling age in Vietnam

As there are also some lapses in different legal gaming age in Asia, Vietnam allows gambling to some extent if you are 18 years old and above. 



Chinese gamblers in China are only allowed to bet on are the Welfare Lottery and the Sports Lottery. To enjoy these types of gambling, the age of a citizen should be 18 years old and above.



In this Asian Country, there are laws in place that separate Muslims and Non-Muslims in participating in gambling. The Sharia Law prohibits gambling in the Muslims and the admission of Non-Muslims is allowed. The legal gambling age in this country is 21 years old to be admitted to different gambling establishments.

Sites that Requires Legal Gambling Age to play with them


Many gambling laws are present in different countries. It differents per nation on what they think would be is the right age to allow such activity. Gambling itself is an addictive hobby, it creates rifts and other issues if it is not controlled properly. That is why many initiatives are done to stop people from getting hooked. One of the most effective ways is to practice legal gambling ages. This makes all the decisions done are due to their own volition of the players, as they are considered an adult in this stage of their life. Make sure to practice safe gambling and ensure knowing all the risks involved in such an activity.

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