Over/Under Betting: Important Things to Know

The popular betting type called Over/Under is also known as a totals bet. The total in any given sporting event like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. is the combined score of both teams. If you’re looking at what are the other types of betting, Check our Article about Common types of Sports Betting.

Totals betting revolves around the combined number of points, runs or goals that the two sides or teams will put up in a contest.

What Does Over/Under Betting Mean?

Over/under Betting is synonymous with totals betting. After odds makers post the game line and odds, which includes the projected totals for each game on the docket. The bettors then decide if they like the game to go over or under that number.

Those expecting a high-scoring affair will bet the “Over,” while those who think things may be a bit tighter than anticipated will bet to the “Under”.

However, for those new to Totals betting, the numbers posted by odds makers may not seem to make much sense.

You’ll find that the numbers are often quite prescient, to the point that each half-point of difference on the board can make a huge difference. That is part of the challenge in totals betting.

Of course, odds makers aren’t always exactly on the money; there are plenty of games that go way over or under the benchmark number set.

Spotting these games on a daily/weekly schedule is also part of the intrigue, and there are plenty of bettors who are quite good at it.

What Matters Most in Over/Under Betting

In the Over/Under form of betting, the winning team is irrelevant. The combined score is all that matters. So after you’ve placed your bet, you simply watch the game and wait for the total regardless of who wins the game.

Bookmakers set the total for such games based on how they see a game will unfold from a scoring perspective.

Bettors must select if the total number of points scored by both teams will be over or under the set total.

Bookmakers Task

For example, a bookmaker set the Over/Under at 160 points between the Lakers and Bulls in an NBA Betting game. Bettors have the option to wager on the total points in the game going over/under 160 points. If the total points scored was 170 points, a bettor who wagered on the Over wins, whilst those who wagered on the Under loses.

Over/Under betting is amongst the popular betting types used by fans in football. Therefore, total bets for goals scored are normally set at over/under 2.5 goals. Different payout odds for the Over/Under are available.

Bettors’ Option

Bettors can sometimes have the option of over/under betting at multiple different lines. One game might see you betting at Over/Under 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5. This means that if you think a match will be a high-scoring one, you can win a bigger payout for your precise prediction.

For example, If the Over/Under set ends up with the exact number, it is called a “push.’’ There is no winning bet and all bets are refunded.


Almost every Over/Under total includes overtime in betting. But some sportsbook offer totals not including overtime and will inform bettors if betting is for regulation period only.

Sports Betting Sites that You Can do Over/Under Bet



To have an enjoyable and of course gain a better chance of winning in your Over/Under betting. It is advised that you do some research on team performances, head-to-head matches, player form, player injuries, etc. in relation to a specific sport you want to wager on. In short, to learn more about the other details pertaining the Over/Under form of online sports betting, contact your sportsbooks for assistance.


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