SG Casino: How to identify fake casino chips from the real ones?

Scammers are still attempting to manufacture counterfeit chips. Surprisingly, making fake money is now easier than making fake casino chips. Here’s why.

When you decided to play at your favorite casinos in Singapore, you need to trade your actual money for casino chips. Even though these tokens have a plastic feel to them, they are nonetheless regarded as cash. This also makes the chips appealing to scammers who are still attempting to manufacture counterfeits. Surprisingly, casino croupiers frequently claim that making fake money is now easier to make than making fake casino chips.

But while you’re playing, what do you look for? What should you do if you come upon a bag of casino chips? Today, we’ll go over ways to protect yourself and what the casinos are doing to keep you safe. We’ll also tell you how counterfeiters are punished using replica casino chips. Meanwhile, you can check the best casino bonuses and promotions offered for Singaporean players.

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Casino Chips

When you play table games inside a casino, the casino chips serve as your money. They’re the casino’s and only the casino’s money. But they’re also representations of real-world dollar worth that you may trade when you leave the casino.

Furthermore, casino chips come in a variety of denominations. Yet, not all casinos are using the same. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the chips you’re using before dropping a $100 believing it’s a $1. Besides, there are even casinos where you can buy $100,000 worth of chips!

Moreover, the weight of a casino chip might differ from one casino to the next, as well as its worth. The lack of standardization in the weight is a technique to ensure that a casino’s value is tied to a specific casino. It also prevents the creation of fake casino chips, despite the fact that they are nearly always composed of clay or ceramic.

Of course, the “chips” that we’re referring to are only available at land-based casinos. Thus, counterfeiters cannot forge virtual chips used in online casinos and live casinos in Singapore.

How can you tell if a gambling chip is real or fake?

In reality, the number of individuals attempting to pass fake casino chips off as genuine is startling.

There is no exact number of such efforts in each casino. Still, the gambling commission often gets around a dozen such complaints each year.

That said, the majority of them are incompetent attempts… In which scammers panic or are swiftly found when attempting to pass off counterfeit chips casino as genuine.

Still, there have been instances where gamblers have managed to deceive the casino.

Even if, if you succeed once, expect that the casino workers will be on the lookout for you the next time you visit.

If you fall for this con, you’re effectively closing the door on that particular casino for good.

How can you tell if a casino chip is real or fake?

How can you tell if a casino chip is real or fake?

What is the best way to tell if a gambling chip is real or fake?

Today, casinos are using a variety of ways to determine if a poker chip is genuine. The majority of land-based casinos are using:

  • Holographic pictures
  • UV inks
  • Serial numbers

In addition, they are also installing RFID on high-value chips, making them hard to duplicate. All of these factors make it possible for casinos to detect fake casino chips to real ones. Aside from these security features, there are some ways how do casinos know chips are real.

How to identify counter gambling chips from real ones?


You may believe that all chips are the same weight, however, this is a common misconception. Rather, the weights of casino chips vary per casino. Some chips are weighing 11 grams while the others weigh 8.5 grams. In addition, casino chips are often made out of clay and other materials.

Color of the Casino Chips

For their chip denominations, casinos usually keep to the following colors:

  • White/Blue casino chips – $1
  • Red chips – $5
  • Green casino chips- $25
  • Black – $100
  • Purple – $500
  • Orange – $1,000

It’s difficult to mimic the proper color with hundreds of various shades of each of these colors. You can simply compare the color of fake casino chips to that of real ones by observing the differences in their color.

Casino Markings

Today, every casino’s chips have a unique stamp or marking on their new casino chips. In addition, it helps in identifying where they came from. Moreover, the quality of these markings is a strong indicator of the chip’s validity.

Still, some fakers have amazing talents, as a result, you may require the use of a magnifying lens. Even so, fake casino chips will never be flawless. Furthermore, chips with no branding are a dead giveaway that things aren’t quite right.

Where can I exchange casino chips?

Can I use the casino chips from another casino?

You may be able to cash in your chips if you bring them with you from another casino. If the casino is owned by the same company, you can also use it inside that casino. There are often referred to as “Foreign Chips”. Thus, you can use it if the casino is owned by the same casino operator.

How to identify fake casino chips from real ones?

How to identify fake casino chips from real ones?

How do casinos know chips are real or fake?

Casinos have evolved throughout time and now adopt a variety of strategies to keep them ahead of the casino fraudsters.

In general, casinos track the highest-value casino chips to see where they end up. This also indicates that you’re more likely to encounter fake casino chips valued at less than $25 than $1,000.

Security Features Used By Casinos To Counter Fake Chips

Camera Surveillance – In a land-based casino, surveillance cameras cover every angle and inch of the casino floor. Additionally, large teams of security personnel then watch these 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Cameras that are constantly watching players and live croupiers can also trace deposits, games, and cashouts from beginning to end.

UV Markings – UV ink is used to label casino chips. In addition, these markings only appear when exposed to UV light. The casino is using this simple method to determine whether or not you are holding fake casino chips or not.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology – These are security tags implanted into chips that casinos can track. In addition, it allows businesses to keep track of more than just stolen chips. Moreover, RFID also helps casinos keep track of the movement on the floor. They can swiftly determine whether a table is losing or winning, as well as whether or not transactions are proper. To identify RFID chips, casinos use specialized scanning devices to determine if they are real.

What would you do if you discovered lost chips on the casino floor?

If you find casino chips on the casino floor, don’t take them! Simply pass them over to the casino to whom they belong. Besides, most casinos have strong restrictions on this. Thus, taking a chip can be considered stealing. Most casinos have policies saying that any chips on the floor whose ownership is unknown belong to the casino.

Players will often try to use these chips at tables because the croupier has no knowledge of where they came from. However, some of the best casinos in Singapore will have looser regulations for lost and discovered chips. The truth is players are often found on their knees scanning the floor for missing money. Besides, scouring casino floors for lost chips or unclaimed pennies in the slots is considered lowlife behavior. Thus, this may result in their being banned or thrown out.

Casino Chips Collectors and Counterfeit Chips

Casino chips collectors often pay hefty sums for vintage and rare casino chips. If you think it’s difficult to deceive a casino with a fake chip, wait till you see what these men have done. Before handing over their money, they will inspect the products. Of course, these collectors are well-versed in what they’re searching for. So, don’t try to fool them with fake casino chips.

Fake Casino Chips FAQs:

Are serial numbers assigned to gambling chips?

Although every casino is different, several use laser printing technology to etch serial numbers not just on the chip’s surface, but also in the layers beneath it. This is not anything to be concerned about when playing at online casinos.

Is it possible to counterfeit casino chips?

Yes, you can try it. However, you’ll never be able to make fake casino chips that seem authentic. Besides, there are simply too many methods and procedures that the casinos use that are beyond our understanding and that we simply aren’t aware of. Keep in mind that land-based casinos in Singapore have several security precautions in place.

Can I collect casino chips?

Each casino has its own chips, and hence its own currency. So, there are many unique and distinctive chips out there that have likely lost their gaming value but have a collectible value. Never buy chips for their casino value online. Here is where counterfeiters try to deceive you. Instead, why not use that time to play blackjack online at one of the top live casinos in Singapore? You can also take advantage of free SGD credit online casino.

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