Sportsbook Advice: How Does a Teaser Bet Work?

A teaser bet is a parlay bet with modified point spreads. In our sportsbook advice, we’ll go through how a teaser works.

A teaser is similar to a regular parlay in that each leg of the teaser must hit for it to win. The main distinction between a teaser and a typical parlay is that a teaser has a more favorable point spread. Since you will be shifting the point spread in your favor, this results in better chances for a teaser. Teasers must also have at least two legs, which is a prerequisite for a parlay to be classified as such. In our sportsbook advice, we’ll go through how a teaser works and how to use it. We will also discuss the different kinds of teasers and payouts. In addition, we will also cover some teaser strategies for beginners.

What is a Teaser Bet?

A teaser, in layman’s terms, is a parlay bet with modified point spreads. The six-point modification is the most prevalent in football.

Teasers win considerably more frequently than identical parlays, which explains why they pay out less.

The format has changed dramatically throughout the years, and not always for the better. Teasers were originally exploitable. However, bookmakers have put in place safeguards to prevent this. There are value chances at sportsbooks betting in Singapore, but locating them takes time and patience.

What is a teaser bet?

What is a teaser bet?

Sportsbook Advice: Teaser Bet Explained

Point spreads and totals are the only bet kinds that allow bettors to buy points, hence teaser bets are derived from these. Teasers are particularly well-suited to football and basketball, both collegiate and professional. Teasers are the only bets available in these markets at most online sportsbooks.

Aside from those limitations, putting together a teaser is comparable to putting together a standard parlay. Instead of betting on the main spread or total, you must pick at least two wagers to combine.

How Does a Teaser Bet Work?

Teaser betting includes changing point spreads, and the two most popular sports for this sort of wagering are football and basketball.

As previously stated, a teaser bet includes exchanging points for volume. As mentioned earlier, you must buy a certain amount of points in exchange for making at least two picks.

Teasers usually include two teams, however, some bookmakers may allow up to ten bets in a single teaser. In addition, you must purchase the same number of points for each parlay leg, and teasers cannot be built inside the same game. However, because the sports betting industry has already modified its viewpoint on correlated parlays, the lack of the same game teasers may change in the future.

Teaser bettors in football can buy 6, 6.5, or 7 points, while some bookies enable them to pick from a larger range. The most popular basketball teasers are 4 points, 4.5 points, and 5 points.

Teasers are all-or-nothing bets, much like parlays. Therefore, the entire ticket is lost if even one leg falls short.

The payouts between parlays and teasers are perhaps the most significant distinction. Teasers pay out less than conventional parlays since the extra points players purchase increase the likelihood of winning their wagers.

What are the teaser betting odds?

What are the odds of teaser bets?

What are the odds of teaser bets?

A two-team teaser is quite frequent at most bookies, as the name implies. You may click on the point spread odds adjacent to a team you wish to utilize for your teaser bet once you’ve found one. You can move the line, and the range of odds can change by many points.

Typically, bookmakers will display their odds in American format. Wherein the odds comes with a – sign denoting the favorite and a + sign denoting the underdog. You may raise the spread on each option to 5 points in your favor with football teasers. Then, you can adjust the spread on each selection up to 7 points in your favor with basketball teasers.

On your betting slip, you will see the cumulative odds for your teaser bet. You may then punch in the amount you want to bet. Afterward, the slip will automatically calculate how much you stand to earn if all of your bets pay off.

Also, keep in mind that certain sportsbooks will have a teaser bet maximum bet restriction.

Sportsbook Advice: How To Place a Teaser Bet?

You can place a teaser bet in two ways – online or in person. While both methods are feasible, placing a teaser online might appear to be a bit more uncomplicated, particularly to the new punter. The majority of online sportsbooks provide several betting choices, including teasers.

Placing Teaser Bet Online

To place a teaser bet online, simply go through the various betting options. Then, select the teaser betting option. After that, you’ll select a few games or bets that appeal to you and put them on your slip. It will become second nature after a few repetitions.

Placing Teaser Bet Personally

In teaser sports betting, putting a teaser in person at a casino might be a little more intimidating. This depends on the casino and your degree of comfort.

Usually, most casinos are using teaser cards with predetermined totals and point spreads. In addition, some sportsbooks utilize “live lines”. These live lines may vary often and may catch you off guard if you aren’t expecting it. If this is the case, the ticket writer will double-check and confirm the line change with you. So, you won’t be startled or taken aback later.

Different Types of Teasers

Teasers can be made up of a variety of point spread and team combinations. In addition, there are a lot of possibilities to pick from since teasers and parlays have a lot in common. Teasers normally include two to ten teams. And, due to the point spread variants available, you have a lot of alternatives. Teaser bets, unlike straight bets, come in different sizes depending on the online sportsbook you use. But usually, teaser bets are divided into two categories.

1st type of teaser (Super Teaser, Special Teaser, Monster Teaser, or Big Teaser)

This type of teaser bet allows you to choose three, four, or five teams (in some cases). Super teasers provide a bigger amount of points to add or deduct to the spread of the chosen collection. In return, you will get less money than the amount you staked.

2nd Type of teaser (Vegas Teaser or simply “Teaser”)

This type of teaser bet is more of a combination between a parlay and the 1st type of teaser bet. You will earn fewer points to modify the spread of the selections picked in this case. The more teams you choose on these wagers, in some cases from 2-15 teams, the larger the payout will be.

What Is A Reverse Teaser (Pleaser)?

What is a reverse teaser bet?

What is a reverse teaser bet?

A reverse teaser is similar to a standard teaser, but instead of buying points, punters are selling them. As a result, it’s a riskier bet than teasers or standard parlays. On the other hand, the payout of the reverse teaser can be massive.

For example, the sportsbook provides +595 odds on a regular three-leg parlay that consists of three NFL spreads (-110). In this case, the payout increases to +2200 if you sell six points.

What’s more, if you increase the number of teams to four, the payout will climb to a whopping +6600. The massive payout odds reflect the difficulty the bettor faces in identifying four teams that will cover the spread by six points or more.

Sportsbook Advice: The Teasers Payouts

Teasers, as previously said, payout less than a standard parlay. This is because you’re far more likely to score a teaser with a multi-point spread in your favor. Teasers are more likely to pay off in the same way as a single-game wager (in the -110 range).

Keep in mind that the more points you tease, the lower your payout will be. As a result, if you tease seven instead of six points, your payoff will be somewhat lower. It can mean the difference between a teaser striking or not, so pick your point spread carefully.

NFL Teaser Payouts

The best sportsbook advice we can give to new teaser bettors is to take a deep breath and relax. After that, look for sportsbooks with the best teaser pricing. Also, new bettors should remain with the best sportsbooks for teasers until a more tempting choice becomes available.

Sportsbook 2-Pick Teaser 3-Pick Teaser 4-Pick Teaser
A -115 +160 +260
B -120 +160 +260
C -134 +140 +240
D -130 +160 +250
E -120 +160 +260
F -140 +140 +240


Sportsbook Advice For Teaser Betting

When betting on teasers, you just need to follow a few easy principles in addition to looking for the greatest rewards. Following this sportsbook advice will not make you an instant winner, but it will greatly reduce the house edge.

Sportsbook Advice #1: Hardly Tease Totals

For spreads, the value of a point is significantly larger than for totals. Due to the broad range of results, it’s rarely worth probing totals even across crucial values.

Teaser Betting Tip #2: Avoid College Football

This is a continuation of the previous point. College point spreads and totals are all over the place. So, buying 6 or 7 points won’t boost your win percentage enough to compensate for the lower payoff.

Sportsbook Tip #3: Avoid NBA Teasers

Tease NBA spreads aren’t a bad bet, but they’re still not a spectacular one. The reason for this is that key numbers do not have the same influence.

Teasers Bet Tips #4: Avoid Teasing Through 0

In basketball, zero is a meaningless number since games cannot finish in a tie. It’s a practically meaningless statistic in the NFL, as games seldom result in a tie. When there’s no need to, why waste a valuable point?

Sportsbook Advice: Is It a Good Idea to Bet Teasers?

There was a time when the answer to this question would have been a loud yes, at least for NFL point spreads.

Sportsbook Advice: The Wong Teaser

Stanford Wong, a Blackjack specialist, undertook a thorough investigation of teasers in the early 2000s. Then, he published his results in the now-famous gambling book called Sharp Sports Betting. He disclosed in it that teasing some critical numbers, such as 3, 6, and 7, will win at a high enough rate to provide bettors an advantage.

2-team 6-point teaser odds were +100 at the time. To achieve the break-even position at 50 percent implied odds, each leg would have to win at a 70.71 percent rate. In addition, he uses the square root of 50 percent to get this value.

Wong noticed that 7.5–8.5 point favorites teased down to 1.5–2.5 points, and 1.5–2.5 point dogs teased up to 7.5–8.5 points, were shattering that rate. They were winning at a rate of more than 76 percent. As a result, this begins the famous “Wong teaser“.

How does sportsbook react to Wong’s teaser?

Bettors swiftly took advantage of Wong’s teaser. And, as predicted, the bookmakers retaliated on this. The first thing bookies did was reduce the odds to -120. Although the change sliced players’ margins, it wasn’t enough to eliminate them. In addition, the break-even threshold is 73.85 percent at -120, which is still less than Wong’s magic number.

What is the best sportsbook advice for teasers?

What is the best sportsbook advice for teasers?

The next protection was the one that hurt the most, and it’s still in place today. As books began to shade their lines, there were fewer and fewer possibilities to tease through both the 3 and the 7. As a result, 6.5- and 3-point spreads are now more common than 7.5- and 2-point spreads.

Some casinos even went so far as to use different lines to compute teaser prizes. When combined with other bookies lowering their fixed payouts to -130 or -140, this tendency might end the Wong Teaser.

A teaser’s worth fluctuates greatly based on the:

  • Sport
  • Quantity of points you buy
  • Initial point spread or total

So, are teasers a good bet?

When it comes to teasers, maybe more than any other wagering style, betting wisely makes a tremendous impact.

It’s also worth noting that, given the same number of legs, betting teasers is significantly less dangerous than betting parlays. Teaser betting, especially in favorable conditions, allows risk-averse players to take small risks to keep their bankrolls for a longer time.

Sportsbook Advice FAQs:

What makes a teaser different from a parlay?

In sports betting, a teaser is a type of parlay. Teasers, like parlays, must have several “legs”. And, all of the “legs” must hit for the bettor to win. Because teasers offer you more points, parlays frequently have superior odds.

Do teasers and parlays pay out the same amount?

No. They get substantially lower odds than a parlay because you’re raising the chances in your favor with a teaser. You earn a lower payoff than a parlay since you may shift the spread of a game by a certain number of points to your benefit.

Is there a point spread for teasers?

Yes, different point spreads are available for teaser bets. Point spreads of six to 10 points are the most common type. This indicates that the spread of each leg is raised in your favor by that point total. Teasers may be employed in a variety of ways and are frequently used in the NFL.

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