The Essential Go-To Gambling Songs

For many years, songs have been a part of culture and tradition. From dynasties up to the present, songs and sounds tell a story of love, have, friendships and success. Of course, these tales differ from one another. Today, we are going to discuss something very peculiar and different from all we know, songs about gambling.

Ace of Spades by Motorhead 

If ever you are feeling the thrill of winning and somewhat looking for a high-octane track, this song will surely get you pumped. Traditionally considered as the top-ranked card in a deck, there are many connotations associated with this card as well such as death. If you are looking to defy the odds, this track can be your go-to.

Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton 

Looking for something nostalgic? This song by Juice Newton surely will make you feel jumpy while playing some card games. This love song surely reminds you to never play with the hearts of every queen!

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Feeling some old-school country music? Kenny Rogers has got your back with this Texas Hold’ em themed song about life. It’s the perfect analogy of life and taking risks in everything. It certainly is one of the best songs about gambling. 

Casino Boogie by The Rolling Stones 

This song was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. While struggling to write some songs, Mick wrote different words into paper, and the band selected random words from it. That is how the song was written. The lyrics are so random, that you can almost equate the process to every bet in a casino!

Casino Queen by Wilco

A good one from 1995, this song tells the story of a man and his struggle with luck within a casino, his random bets at the blackjack table, and his money running out on the dealer. A reminder to take it slow!

Deal – Jerry Garcia

Another one of the gambling songs on how to play slowly. Jerry Garcia encapsulated the soul of gambling in three minutes with this track. “Wait until that deal come round, don’t you let that deal go down” strikes a chord on long time casino players. Patience is always the key!

When you’re Hot, You’re Hot by Jerry Reed 

A risky gamble song by Jerry Reed! This song reminds us of the good times when you are playing in the casino. It just goes to show that when luck flows, it overflows and so much more!

Luck be a Lady by Frank Sinatra 

Of course, we cannot forget this classic by Frank Sinatra, written by Frank Loesser. This song describes luck as a lady that sticks by the person to win all night in a casino, as a lady does not wonder and flirt with others in the casino. It’s a catchy track and amazing production will make you listen to it more!

What do you think of our select gamble songs? We selected 8 songs that we think would be a great fit for every mood you are feeling when playing! Listen to them now and feel the luck flowing through!

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