The Highest and Lowest Gambling Taxes in Singapore

Singapore is just one of the countries in the world that has a gambling tax. With almost SG$2.7 billion in the fiscal year 2018-2019, this number also indicated a fall on the gain of tax in terms of gambling. News online says that there will be an increase in gambling taxes in three years.

A total of 22% will be taken by the government from their gross revenue. Gambling taxes Singapore is a big part of the revenue stream for the government, and this increase in tax pushed players to look for many alternatives outside the country. Of course, the tax does not come online from casinos, but also from other betting avenues such as Toto, 4D, and other places where patrons can bet their money. 

What are the current tax rates for gambling in Singapore?

There are many taxes implied when you are playing in Singapore, but the current tax rate is split into two different levels of play. The mass-gambling and premium-gambling. What are these different tax brackets?

  • The mass-gambling revenue, of course, comes from the casual casino players, the tax rate for this is 15%. 
  • The other one, which is the premium-gambling revenue, where high-rolling bets and long-time patrons regularly play, this comes at a lower tax rate of 5%.  

These tax rules vary from time to time, but a newly implemented tiered tax system in place will happen around 2022, increasing these taxes for casinos in general.

Does Singapore Impose the highest taxes on Gambling?

According to an article online by, Singapore is part of the Top 10 countries that have the lowest gambling rates in the world. A said earlier, the lowest gambling tax is 5%. Here are some countries and the percentages of tax that they have.

Top 10 Highest Taxed Countries in Gambling

  1. France – up to 83%
  2. Germany – up to 80%
  3. Luxemburg – up to 80%
  4. Denmark – up to 75%
  5. Australia – up to 65%
  6. The USA – up to 51%
  7. The UK – up to 50%
  8. Austria – up to 40%
  9. Macau – up to 39%
  10. Greece and the Czech Republic – up to 35%

The next list covers the countries that present the lowest gambling taxes in the world:

  1. Russia – 0%
  2. Singapore – 5%
  3. Finland – 10%
  4. Belgium – 11%
  5. Argentina – 15%
  6. Portugal – 15%
  7. Kenya – 15%
  8. Sweden – 18%
  9. Spain – 20%
  10. Italy 25%

Gambling Tax Singapore is one of the lowest in the world. However, this may change depending on the different systems that their government will have in place soon.

What Alternatives are there present?

Gambling online taxes simply is just part of the process, but many alternatives are present to help players maximize all of their winning potentials. Therefore, online website in several countries can provide this high revenue block for customers, making a better and well-suited approach to all things gambling-related. 

Are Taxes Imminent?

Online gambling and taxes go hand in hand. It is just part of the everyday life of players and patrons. Of course, if players want to enjoy a healthy gambling experience. They should know several options present for them. Several online gambling, may it be sports, fantasy football, casino, and the likes, gambling tax is always imposed and is part of regular play.

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