The Most Common Poker Cheats How to Avoid Them

How to avoid the common Poker Cheats? There will always come the point in time where players are desperate to win at any live casino game they are playing. It is most common to see in all gaming houses, especially in big online casinos and many more. But there will be people who will also take advantage of this and use uncanny methods to take all your money.

Most Common Poker Cheats we have observed over time.

  1. Cooperating with an Inside Person – Many long time cheaters have been caught doing this activity. They have a person from the actual casino who is working with them to make things better for them. Typically, they are giving good cards to their accomplices, making sure that they win that game.
  2. Tournament Fixing – More common before, it is one of the biggest scandals that typically happen in a casino. Players are working together on who will win the pot, then sharing the winnings afterward. Its commonly seen in low balling and illegal tournaments in poker.
  3. Using Signals or Cues – Due to the nature of a poker table to be open, many players tend to work together towards winning money from other players. Many players use hand gestures, chips, bets, and more to signal their team to strike and win at a table. However, this is also one of the hardest to execute as you are going through a rough patch against the opponents.
  4. Marking Cards – Before the evolution of technology, players have been using pre-made packs with special markings to determine if they are the winning cards. Of course, this comes with practice as well. But due to the nature of casinos changing card decks every round, it has become less common.
  5. Bottom Dealing – Very hard to catch on that typically involves the dealer in the process. Bottom dealing is a way for players that work with the dealer to give them the best cards. It comes hand in hand with the skill, as well as a way for them to execute the tactic slowly.

How to Enjoy playing Poker

Knowing how to avoid such activities is going to be crucial in your safety in playing poker. Here are some ways we think that can help you in enjoying your time with the game.

  1. Ensure that you are playing in a known casino – Of course, one of the things to take note of is that you are playing in a well-known casino. They are packed with security features as well as have proper etiquette when it comes to casino gaming.
  2. Check if a website is legitimate – Many people are overlooking the fact that they can easily be cheated on an online casino website. Always take extra steps in committing as people will take advantage of you online if you are not sure.
  3. Observe before diving in – A general rule of thumb is to observe a table first. If you see malicious activity, be vigilant in reporting those to make your gaming experience and others better.

Always remember that poker is a game that has a high learning curve. So remember to practice and be cautious in every way possible.

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