The Most Memorable Moments in Gambling History

There are a few things that we think that strike a chord in everybody’s memory. There are moments in life, as well as events around the world. But there are just things that stick out, especially in the world of gambling. Here is our list of the most memorable moments in gambling history.

The First Online Poker Site – January 1, 1998

What a great way to start the new year and commemorate the first-ever online poker website in the world! It was named Planet Poker and made by poker legends, Randy Blumer, and Mike Caro. It marks the start of the deep dive into the world of online casino gaming.

The Biggest Football Bet Won

In 2001, a lad by the name of Mick Gibbs placed a 30p bet on an odds that is 1.6 Million to 1. The man had taken home almost 500,000 pounds in that 30p bet! It is an amazing feat on its own and surely one that will mark the gambling history for years to come. 

The Biggest Slots Win to date

Another remarkable feat to witness is the winner of the Mega Moolah slots machine, which is a type of progressive slot machine. It was a Jon Heywood that bagged 13.2 Million pounds from the online game in 2015! This also set the Guinness Book of World records for the biggest online slots win in history! It is one for the books for this guy!

The $$1.66 Million win at the Resorts World 

Gambling is one of the biggest past times for the nation. and Singapore gambling operator, RWS, had faced a lucky winner, a french man who defied all the odds, and walked away with 1.66 Million after just one night in the casino! It’s one of those low-cost high reward slot machines with only 50 cents to a bet that gave the man his winning spin! Talk about getting lucky!

The Biggest Poker Win to Date 

They always say that luck is in the draw, but Antonio Esfandiari made sure that all his cards are built on perseverance and hard work! The man won the biggest poker pot ever, defeating almost 48 people in the World Series of Poker, bagging him the $18.3 Million prize from the tournament! What a day for the man and his cold stares!

The Biggest Baccarat Prize Win

After spending some days at Macao, Lin Haisan just made it so that he won the biggest prize ever for baccarat of 100M HKD from the World Series Baccarat Championship! Talk about beating everyone to the biggest baccarat game ever!

Mobile Gambling Emergence

We cannot forget the days where we all tread our ways to the traditional brick and mortar casinos. With the advent of technology, as well as the development of different companies, there is not much to say that Gambling has come a long way! Mobile Gambling is now in, and the portability just made it so convenient! Truly is one of the most memorable moments in gambling!

That is our shortlist of the most memorable gambling moments in history! What do you think? Check out our latest offers and get your own slice of the pie!

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