The Most Popular Online Casino Games in Asia

Asians are known for their love of online casino games. With 4.5 billion existing Asians around the world, it is safe to say that many in that population are fans of the thrill and excitement a online live casino brings to them. So today, we are going to discuss some of the most popular casino games on the continent.

Where to Play Online Casino Games

Play Baccarat | Blackjack | Roulette | Dragon Tiger
Play Baccarat | Blackjack | Roulette | Dragon Tiger
Play Baccarat | Roulette | Dragon Tiger | SIC-BO
Play Baccarat | Blackjack | Roulette | Dragon Tiger
Play Baccarat | Roulette | Dragon Tiger | SIC-BO

Most Popular Online Casino Games

Are you ready? Let’s get started:


Out of all the casino games in Asia, we think that baccarat is one of the top games in the Region. It has a set of complicated rules and different risks depending on where the bet is. There are two major betting options in this game, which are the player and the banker. These two always go hand in hand in a near 50% chance of winning between the two. We also have to remember that the option for a “Tie” bet is present. House edges differ from one another, but probability always states that the banker is always at an advantage. Some casinos even offer side bets from the regular options, so keep that in mind as well. All in all, it is simple and fun to play. 

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We might as well call this the Asian version of roulette due to the vast options it has for players to bet on. This casino game is dominant in Asia and can be found in lists of online casino games around the internet. It involves 3 dice and the player has to place on different bets for in which what they feel will be the winning combination. Of course, simple options are also available such as odd or even and hi or low. Just select one which one you think is going to be the winner.


Another roulette like casino game that is played in the continent is this one. Translated to “Repeated Divisions”, the dealer for this game scoops out a portion of beads or buttons from a big pile and mixes them under a certain period. When all bets are placed, the gathered beads or buttons are then on divided into 4 until it reaches the last division. There are 4 major bets, and these are based on the last division of the beads, whether if it will be one, two, three, or four. There are also side bets such as odd and even in this casino game.


A simpler version of baccarat, this card game is the easiest to learn. Same as the aforementioned game, you place your bets on either dragon or tiger, the only difference is that the winner for this online casino game is that there is only a single card dealt. Sidebets are also available for people who want to go beyond the typical option.

Online Casino Games Are Fun – Conclusion

Online Casino is fun for all people of legal ages. May you be a beginner or a long time patron, there are many more games to choose from and explore. These are just some of the options that we think can be a great way to begin your gaming journey, and if you are looking for a best casino in Singapore, check out our recommendations to get started!

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