Total Points Betting Guide: How To Bet On Total Points?

Does your friend not root for a particular team? But if he is not cheering for points, then most probably he is into total points betting.

Does your friend is not rooting for a particular team? But rather, he is not cheering for points, then most probably he is into total points betting?

What Are Total Points Betting?

When you are betting in totals, you are no longer dedicating your devotion to one team. Here, it makes no difference who wins the game or by how much. Instead, the only thing that matters is their total score.

Sportsbook in Singapore will predict how many points will be scored in the game. Then, you must determine whether the actual number of points scored will be higher (over) or lower (under).

The introduction of the over/under wager was one of the coolest developments in the sports betting market. The over/under bet, also known as a totals bet, allows you to wager on the game’s flow rather than the final score. Beginners will be drawn to the bet because of its simplicity, but don’t be fooled by this. This bet is used as part of a winning strategy by seasoned sports betting professionals daily.

Today, we’ll go over all of the crucial features of total points betting. Also, we will discuss the basics of what over/under bet is, how it works, and the advantages of using it. After that, we’ll move on to the more advanced strategy elements you’ll need to start winning on betting total points.

The Nuts And Bolts Of Totals Betting

An over/under (totals bet) is a type of sports wager. It allows you to gamble on the flow of a game rather than on who will win it. Also, you are wagering on the total amount of anything that happens in a game, as the name implies.

What Does Total Mean In Betting?

The total could be something else, although, this will most likely refer to:

  • Points
  • Runs
  • Goals scored

Furthermore, this total number will be unaffected by the game’s outcome. That is to say, it makes no difference who wins the game. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how many points, runs, or goals either team scores.

How to bet total points?

How to bet total points?

Is this still confusing for you?

Well, it is ok. When will help you understand total points betting through our examples? Then, you’ll see how easy it is to understand this bet.

How To Total Points Betting Work?

Let’s say the top sportsbook in Singapore sets the total points at 219. You will notice that this number appears twice to provide odds for both “OVER” and “UNDER” selections.

Take note that in total points betting, you should ignore everything but the “TOTAL” column.

Matchup Spread Moneyline Total
Cleveland Cavaliers -4.5 (-110) -200 219 (-115) O
Boston Celtics +4.5 (-110) +170 219 (+105) U


So, if you think that the combined scores of Cleveland and Boston will be more than 219 points, you should bet on the “Over”. On the other hand, you should bet on the “Under” if you think it will be a defensive game with fewer than 219 total points scored.

In this example, we’ve utilized an NBA line. However, totals bets are available on any sport with point totals.

How Do Total Points Betting Work In Soccer?

Meanwhile, soccer totals differ from other sports in that they are expressed in multiples of 0.25 goals. Since soccer is a low-scoring sport, bookies frequently set a Total of 2.25 or 2.75.

Let’s say you are betting on Over 2.25 goals. In this case, half of the stake goes on “Over 2”, while the other half goes on “Over 2.5”.

If the game ends in 2, you lose half of your wager (Over 2.5). At the same time, you will get the other half back (Over 2). You will win both bets, Over 2 and Over 2.5 when the game ends in 3.

Another illustration is placing a wager on the Under 2.75 goal total.

In this case, half of your wager is on Under 2.5 goals, while the other half is on Under 3 goals. If the game ends on a 3, you’ll lose half of your wager (Under 2.5) and reimburse the other half (Under 3).

How total points betting works?

How total points betting works?

Sports Betting: What Does Line Total Double Mean?

You are betting on two outcomes in one match with one stake when you place a double result bet. A line total double is a single betting option that combines a game’s half-time score with the game’s final score. In addition, the bet is carried over to the second bet if the half-time bet wins. To win the wager, both outcomes must be correct.

What Happens When You Bet On The Totals?

In our earlier example, you see that the over and under have -115 and -110 odds next to them, right?

Well, the odds associated with the over and under show the possible payout. Just like how the moneyline works.

The odds for both the over and under reflect the potential payoff.

In the case above, betting on the over or under will not allow you to double your money. On over/under, this is a fairly typical practice. Because bookmakers normally assume that the point total has an equal chance of shifting in either direction. This is not, however, a foregone conclusion.

Regardless of the sport, your bookmaker may assign the over as the favorite if there are two notoriously high-scoring teams with poor defenses. Similarly, if both teams’ scoring is known to be below average, the underdog may be significantly favored.

It may not seem fair (or sensible) that you must wager $110 to win $100, especially when your bookmaker tells you that the odds are 50/50.

This is unavoidable while using an online sports betting website. Sportsbooks maintain profitability and success thanks to their 10% vig (or “juice”). The vig, vigorous, or juice is the cost you’ll have to pay if you want to gamble on the spread.

Total Points Betting FAQs:

What Do Each Team’s Total Points Mean?

In sports betting, a team total is exactly what it sounds like: a wager on how many total points a team will score during a game. You don’t have to predict the team’s total points exactly like you would with a full game over/under. You’re betting on whether the team will go over or under a certain point total. In every sport, each team’s total points are available.

What Is A Total Double Bet?

A total double bet is when you bet on the same outcome twice in the same game. If you have a strong belief that one team will win from start to finish, the odds on a double result bet are substantially better than merely picking Team A to win. However, because the game is divided into two half, there are more possible outcomes, which implies there is more risk involved. In sports, comebacks are common, and if you bet on Team A to win the first half but Team B to win the game, your odds may be as high as 20/1 or more.

What Is Minus 1.5 In Sports Betting?

Take, for example, the soccer match between Manchester City and Sunderland. If a player bets Over(-1.5), he will win if Manchester City wins by a margin of two goals or more (2:0, 3:1, 3:0, and so on). If Manchester City wins by just one goal or fails to win at all, the bettor loses (1-0, 0-0, 1-2, etc.).

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