Understanding Football Odds – Brief History of Football

Understanding football odds always is a process. We can start with an introduction to what is football. Football is one of the most beloved sports in the world. With its origins varying from different parts of the world, many countries have been practicing the sport for as long as they can remember.

Due to its popularity, many nations have created their respective league. Many of the most famous leagues are The English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, and many more! These leagues are the ones that have the most following around the globe! There is also FIFA, the major organization formed to organize all footballing events in the world, especially the World Cup! The competition of the best country in football!

What are Football Odds?

Many are curious and always asking “What are Football Odds”, Football odds are systems that enable players to bet on their favorite teams. They vary from country to country. They each have their system on betting what team they would think will win. These odds are flexible as you can also bet on the same system wherever you are. Some football odds serve a different purpose but at the end of the day, they are all there to help you win the next big bet! You have to remember that the higher, the odds given, it indicates that the team is favored to win, while a lower odd is an indication of the underdog team.

Different Football Odds Types

Players are always looking for the most suitable odd type for them.

Here are some of the players or bettors use:

Euro Odds (Decimal Odds)

As the name implies, it is the most popular betting odds used around Europe. It consists of numbers and combinations that have a decimal value in them. For example, a match between Chelsea and Liverpool, given a specific handicap, of +0.75 to Chelsea and -0.75 to Liverpool. The odds given to Chelsea is 1.85, while the odds given to Liverpool is 1.95. That means that if the player or bettor placed a $100 bet on Chelsea, they will win 185. This is computed by multiplying 100 to 1.85. If they bet on Liverpool and won, they will win 195.

Malay Odds

This odd type has a negative and positive value. It’s presented on a decimal value as well but is sometimes confusing for players. If you are given a positive odd value, +0.84 for the home team, your winnings will be multiplied by the amount you bet on so if you placed $100, multiply by 0.84, you get 84 in winnings, you also get your stake back, equating to 184. If you are given a negative value, -0.75 for the Away Team, you divide your placed bet by the odd. $100 divided by 0.75 you will get 133 in winnings if you include the stake, it would total to 233.

Hong Kong Odds 

This betting odd is very simple to understand due to the lack of having negative values. If you are betting on an odd above 1, they are the underdog, but if you are betting on anything below, it means they are the favorite to win. A good example of this is Manchester City is given an odd value of 0.54 if they beat Sheffield United, to compute for this odd value, you just need to add one to the decimal value, then multiply to the amount of bet. Here is the sample: (0.54+1) x 100 = 154. 

There are many more types of betting odds online, these are just some of the most commonly used and well received among fans around the world.

How do Odds Work in Football?

Those are just some of the betting odd type examples that you can find online! How do odds work in football or betting odds? The types of odds mentioned above the ones that normally work for football. At times, odds are calculated depending on how strong a football team is. There is always one basic rule to remember, if you are betting on a strong team, the odds are going to be lower, but this is a safe bet to return your profit.

If you are betting on a weaker team, there will be higher odds, but it may result in a loss. This depends on how well you know the team you are betting on! So do research, study, and ensure victory through different methods!

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