What are the best Sic Bo bets to win and be like a pro?

Playing Real money Sic Bo is easy. However, you need to know the best Sic Bo bets, to increase your odds of winning.

If playing Craps is too intimidating and Roulette is becoming dull, you should try your luck at Sic Bo. This fast-pacing dice game mixes the dice and betting options of Craps and the simplicity of Roulette, which made it so popular. Playing Real money Sic Bo is easy. However, you need to know the best Sic Bo bets, to increase your odds of winning.

What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a dice game popular among Asian players. The game originated in China and is now found in casinos in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In addition, it is also known as tai sai, big and little, dai siu, or Hi-Lo. However, in online live casinos, this gambling game is simply known as Sic Bo.

Sic Bo is a very straightforward game. Here, you are guessing the outcome of the dice roll by rolling three dice. You win if your guess is correct. Otherwise, you lose your bet.

If this is your first time playing Sic Bo, then you will notice that there is some resemblance to Craps. Because the game includes a Sic Bo board and three dice. And, like Craps, the Sic Bo board can be complicated. This is also the reason why the Sic Bo bets are difficult to understand.

That is why we listed the top Sic Bo bets and where to find them on the board.

Sic Bo Bets: Low-Risk Strategy for Sic Bo Newcomers

Are you just getting started in the thrilling world of Sic Bo? If so, we propose that you started with low-risk bets, at least until you have a comprehensive understanding of the game. Fortunately, there is an appropriate sic bo system available. Our suggested technique is straightforward. Above all, it entails selecting the Sic Bo bets with the lowest house edge and the highest odds.

What are the best Sic Bo bets for beginners?

What are the best Sic Bo bets for beginners?

Likewise, small and big bets have about equal odds of winning and excellent payouts. In addition, they do not necessitate any special abilities and are simple to deal with. Also, you can play the so-called Combination bet, which requires you to pick any two numbers. Moreover, it has a modest house edge and high probability.

Sic Bo Bets #1: Small or Big Bets

These two are the most basic types of bets that you need to know. In a small bet, you are betting on any dice sum between and including numbers 4 and 10. In the big bet, you are betting that the total outcome of the dice is between and including numbers from 11 to 17.

Odds and Payouts: Bets on Big/Small Casino

Consider this wager to be similar to the red and black bets on a Roulette table. Because the number ranges exclude one possible total for each bet.

  • 3 for the Small bet
  • 18 for the Big bet

Therefore, your chances of winning are somewhat less than even money. Usually, the small and big bet pays even money (1:1) and has the smallest house advantage. As a result, these are the best Sic bo bets with the best odds.

However, you will see that the numbers 3 and 18 are missing on these bets. That’s because any triple total may cause you to lose when you bet Small or Big. Triple total is when the three dice result in the same numbers, such as 1-1-1, 2-2-2, and 6-6-6.

Therefore, these bets aren’t quite 50/50. However, both do have a 48.61% chance of winning.

Here’s an illustration:

Rolling three 4s would result in a triple, which would result in a loss.

The Small Bet may be found on the board’s top left corner. If the three dice add up to a score between 4 and 10, you’ll get a 1 to 1 payout. If a Triple appears, such as three 2s, you’ll lose once more.

Sic Bo Bets #2: Odd or Even Bets

An odd bet, you are wagering on the three dice that will result in an odd number. An even bet is a type of Sic Bo bet where you are wagering that the dice will come up with an even number of combinations.

Odd or even bets are identical to big and small bets. However, they differ from how you win. The house edge is 2.8 percent, yet the likelihood of winning any bet is still 48.6 percent.

What is the house edge of odd or even bets?

What is the house edge of odd or even bets?

Furthermore, odd and even bets provide players with the same benefits as Big and Small. However, there is one significant difference: You cannot find odd and even bets on most Sic Bo boards.

If odd and even bets are available, they’ll be in the top left-hand corner of the table. On the other hand, the Big and Small bets will be in the top right-hand corner.

Sic Bo Bets #3: Dice Combination Bets

In dice combinations, you are betting on two of the three dice producing a specific number combination. Moreover, you can find this Sic Bo bet on the second to last row of the board.

Dice Combinations on Sic Bo Bets

There are 15 dice combinations on the board. Some of the different dice combinations you can bet on are:

  • 1 and 2
  • 2 and 3
  • 3 and 4

The house edge on each dice combination is merely 2.8 percent. However, there is one significant difference:

Furthermore, any of the 15 dice combination bets have a 13.9 percent probability of winning.

Therefore, this is the most significant disadvantage of betting on any dice combination. Compare with a big, small, even, or odd bet, you won’t often win with a dice combination bet. But when you do, you will collect a 6:1 payout.

Unfortunately, some casinos only offer a 5 to 1 payout on a dice combination bet. In addition, it increases the house margin to 16.7%. If that is the case, there’s no point in betting on dice combinations when you are playing Live Dealer Sic Bo in Singapore.

What are the worst bets in Sic Bo?

Apart from the Sic Bo bets we’ve mentioned earlier, other Sic Bo bets have a house edge of at least 7.4%. However, this brought a big drawback when you are playing Sic Bo, any of the other bets are a waste of time.

What are the casino’s 3 dice game probability and house edge?

If you want to try some of the other bets on the table, stay away from the following these Sic Bo bets:

Specific Dice Combinations

The first two dice will make a precise pattern, while the third dice will reveal a specific number. In addition, the payout is 50 to 1, yet the house has a massive 29.2 percent advantage. Moreover, your chances of winning are merely 1.4 percent.

Specific Doubles Bets

Here, you are betting on two of the three dice that have particular numbers on them. If you’re successful, you’ll receive a 10 to 1 payout. However, specific doubles bet has a house advantage of 18.5 percent. In addition, your chances of winning are just 7.41 percent only.

Specific Triple Bets

Here, you are betting on the same number to appear on all three dice. If you are successful, then you will receive a huge 180 to 1 payout. Naturally, a specific triple is a fantastic bet that you can make. However, exact triples only occur 0.46 percent of the time. In addition, it has a 16.2 percent house advantage.

What are the best combo bets in online Sic Bo?

What are the best combo bets in online Sic Bo?

Total of 4 or 17 Bets

In a total of 4 or 17 Sic Bo bet, you are betting that the outcome of the three dice will produce a score of 4 or 17. Therefore, if you are successful, then you will receive a payout of 60 to 1. However, you only have a 1.4 percent chance of winning in this Sic Bo bet. In addition, the house advantage is very high, which is 15.3 percent.

Type of Sic Bo Bets: Payout, Best Combo Bets, and House Advantage

Sic Bo Bet Payout Winning Combo House Advantage
Small or Big Bet 1:1 105 2.78%
Total of 4 or 17 60:1 3 15.28%
Total of 5 or 16 30:1 6 13.89%
Total of 6 or 15 17:1 10 16.67%
Total of 7 or 14 12:1 15 9.72%
Total of 8 or 13 8:1 21 12.50%
Total of 9 or 12 6:1 25 18.99%
Total of 10 or 11 6:1 27 12.50%
Single Dice Bet 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 75, 15, 1 7.87%
Double Bet 10:1 6 18.25%
Any Triple Bet 30:1 6 13.89%
Specific Triple Bet 180:1 1 16.20%
Two Dice Combo 5:1 30 16.67%

How to increase your chances of winning at the Sic Bo casino game?

Are you searching for the best techniques to play Sic Bo or the best combo bets to make? If so, we’ve got both good and bad news to share with you.

First, the bad news: there isn’t a single reliable Sic Bo betting method that will help you win every time.

Yes, we know it is a bummer.

After all, it is a game of chance. Therefore, you won’t be able to foresee the exact outcomes of the dice.

The good news here is, you can improve your game and increase your chances of winning.


Well, you can use these Sic Bo strategy ideas.

1. Don’t be enticed to bet on too many different areas.

You can place many types of bets at once when playing Sic Bo at Live casinos in Singapore. In most online casinos, you can gamble on up to 16 different zones per roll. However, it is not advisable to bet on too many areas.

Yes, without a doubt, you will win several bets. However, how much money are you going to lose in the process?

Instead of betting in too many different areas, consider all of your betting alternatives. 

  • What are the odds that you will win for each Sic Bo bet?
  • If you are going to bet this much, are the winnings even worth it?

After this analysis, you can have your approach for Sic Bo. In addition, you will be able to better manage your bankroll than betting randomly.

2. Place the majority of your Sic Bo bets on a big or small.

Placing most of your Sic Bo bets on the Big or Small area may seem like a no-brainer. Therefore, the best odds and smallest house advantage are found this Sic Bo betting options.

Why always wager on Big and small bets?

Why always wager on Big and small bets?

If you go to a land-based casino, you’ll notice that some Sic Bo gamblers exclusively bet on Big and Small bets.

But, don’t you think betting just on those would be a bit tedious?

And in Casino games, the pleasure factor is more significant than the riches you can earn. Therefore, don’t forget to look at additional betting options while still placing the majority of your bets on the Big or Small sections.

3. Don’t be a victim of the Gambler’s Fallacy.

The gambler’s fallacy is a popular gambling myth. It states that if something occurs more frequently at one moment in time, then it will occur less frequently in the future.

So, if the dice have been rolling large sums for a long time, they will undoubtedly roll a large number of small ones now.

However, this belief is completely false.

Remember that Sic Bo is a game of chance. Therefore, the outcomes of the dice are unaffected by previous events. So, don’t just go along with it. Not in Sic Bo, Craps, or any other type of gambling game.

SicBo Bets FAQs:

What is the highest wagering option in Sic Bo?

To win the maximum money on a single roll, you must wager on a “specific triple”. It means you must wager on a single number and have all three dice land on that number. However, these bets don’t win very often, as one might expect.

Is it possible to eliminate the house advantage with a Sic Bo system?

No, a Sic Bo strategy will never entirely erase the house advantage. Because Sic Bo is a game of chance, a betting system would have little impact on the final result. Please keep in mind that you are playing responsibly.

What is the best bet that you can make in Sic Bo?

The best combo bets in Singapore are the small and big bets. If you win, you can receive a 1 to 1 payout. In addition, it has the smallest house advantage.

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