What is Social Casino and How Does it differ from Online Casinos?

Do you love to play casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, poker, and slots? Well, a social casino may be a good option for you. Do you want to know what is social casino?

Do you love to play casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, poker, and online slots? Yet, you do not want to risk your hard-earned money to do it. Well, you are not alone. Many people also have no means to go to a land-based casino as well as do not want to wager real money. Well, a social casino may be a good option for you. Do you want to know what is social casino? In this article, we will delve into details what is the concept of social casinos. In addition, how it differs from online casinos.

What is social casino?

It is an application or website where you can play different casino games with your friends. You can play social gambling games by downloading an app to your mobile device. In addition, you can install it on your computer. Alternatively, you can play social casino straight through your web browser. Social networking site like Facebook offers a wide variety of social casino games.

What is social gambling?

In social gambling definition, it may involve casino games that you can play online. It may look like real gambling because of the use of gambling mechanics. However, it does not meet the legal gambling definition.

Social gambling is an activity or practice of playing a gambling-related game online. Wherein, you can play it on a social networking platform or mobile app. Here, you are wagering a virtual currency that can be either free or paid for by the player. However, when you brought virtual money, you cannot convert it back into real money.

What is social gambling?
What is social gambling?

What is social casino and social gambling?

Does it involve real money gambling?

Regardless of the name, you are not gambling with real money when you play a social casino game. More so, when you win, you do not even get real money as well. Instead, you are wagering virtual casino credits.

Every social casino game is specifically develop for entertainment purposes only.

How much does social casino apps cost?

Downloading and playing social casinos are free. Although, these applications often make their money through in-game purchases. In any social gambling game, you can use a virtual coin to make a bet on social gambling.

Independent companies operate some social gambling games. While other regular casinos offered a social casino version to their customers. So that they can keep their players to play with them. Some players prepare social casino games run by actual casinos. Here, they can play the virtual version of their favorite casino game. Whereas, non-affiliated social casinos offer knock-off social gambling games.

How do social casino developers make money on these games?

Actually, these companies are earning more than you can imagine. Just because you are playing their game free, it does not mean that they are not making money on it. They make money on these type of games by:

  • In-app purchases
  • Advertising
  • Product placements
  • Lead generation
  • White label – Branding

What is social casino and how can I earn virtual coins?

In the event you run out of coins, you cannot play any game anymore, not until they are restocked. You can restock your virtual bankroll on a daily or hourly basis. More so, some social casinos may offer you to watch some ads to earn virtual credits. Alternatively, you can request more coins from your friends. In addition, you can earn coins by performing some tasks like referring a friend.

Furthermore, if you do not want to wait for a refill, you can purchase more coins with real money. Even though, you buy virtual credits this is still not gambling. Instead, you are only extending your playtime. Hence, the in-game purchase does not ever influence your chance of winning.

What is a social casino and how can I earn virtual coins?
What is a social casino and how can I earn virtual coins?

Have you ever wondered why social gambling games let you have free options to keep playing?

For once, social casinos want as many people to play their social gambling games. That is why they let other players help each other to get free coins. More importantly, they encourage more players to get their friends to play the game as well.

What is social casino: Advantages of playing in social gambling games online

Social gambling games online provide a unique gaming experience. Thus, they are worth billions although they offer nothing but free games. They also got major social networking platforms like Facebook and Zynga. Thus, the propagation of social casino sites has caused revenue to soar high. Let us find out the reason behind it as we unpack the advantages.

1. What is social casino – Fun and Free

The best advantage of playing social casinos is the fact that they are FREE. Although, money is still involved because of in-game purchases. However, these are still optional and not a requirement at all.

When you download a game or join a social casino gaming site, you can try hundreds of games. You can have fun without worrying about any financial obligations.

2. Social casino games are fair and legal

Just because you are playing social gambling games free, it does not mean that the site/app ignores the local laws and regulations. All legit social casino websites offer fair games. In addition, they operate just as responsibly as real-money online casino websites.

3. What is social casino – Slick and Accessible

Leading social casino apps are available and compatible with all devices. If you are going to look at the statistics, most of the players are mobile users. Statista’s data says that by 2020 the mobile revenue will outpace the revenue from a desktop. This means that you get to play and have a slick experience on any device – anytime and anywhere.

4. Social gambling games are continuously improving and evolving

With technological advancement, this social gambling games are constantly improving and evolving. So, you expect in the coming days, that your favorite social casino site offers a steady stream of updates. Not only that, but you can also watch for the latest improvement on your favorite casino games.

What is social casino: Social Casinos vs. Online Casinos

In social casinos, you are not really gambling. Instead, you are merely gaming with virtual coins. More so, there is no monetary risk. If you are afraid to wager in a land-based or online casino, then, social casinos could be the right option for you. Social gambling games are legal in jurisdictions where online gambling is prohibited. It is also available to those who do not gamble for religious, moral, and other personal reasons.

Social Casinos vs. Online Casinos
Social Casinos vs. Online Casinos

Furthermore, social casino apps and websites offer larger game varieties. More so, playing social gambling games is a good way to hone your skills.

In online casinos, it involves real-money gambling. Besides, it can be illegal in some jurisdictions. There are also some moral implications when you gamble in an online casino. Above all, you can lose a lot of money when you play in online casinos. Casino games offered are also limited.

What makes social gambling games…social?

As mentioned, social gambling games are hosted and can be played on social networks. In addition, most social casino games include some forms of social interactions like:

  1. Playing with friends and other players.
  2. You can share your results within your social network.
  3. Aside from that, you can invite other players to play the game with you.
  4. You can post the accolades, awards, achievements to your profile on a social network.

By doing so, it can create a viral effect that can build a self-sustaining user base for the game.

Social Casino FAQs:

Why do people play social casino games?

There are many reasons why people play social gambling games. Maybe, they are afraid to play for real money. Alternatively, they do not have the luxury to visit a land-based casino. People play social casino games because they want to have some fun.

On the other hand, they want to pass the time or want to relax. More so, they play social casinos to relieve boredom. In addition, they want a distraction from negative thoughts and emotions.

Is it illegal to play in social casinos?

Absolutely, no. When you play social gambling games, you are not risking any money. Even if, it may look like real gambling because of the use of gambling mechanics. Social casinos do not meet the legal gambling definition.

Does playing social gambling games considered gambling?

Definitely, no – or not in the legal definition of gambling. You are considered gambling when you are risking something and expect to get something in return. However, in social casinos, it does not involve real money. Instead, you are just risking virtual credits or coins. Even if you make an in-app purchase to get coins, still, it is not gambling. Because you cannot convert back your virtual coins into real money.

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