Why is Gambling Illegal?

In the world of gambling, there are many things to consider concerning the legality of things and why it’s illegal? The initial thought of all gamblers is that doing such an activity is allowed in many countries. However, there are some restrictions and variations when it comes to this gray area. Why don’t we take a look at the different legalities surrounding this activity?

Online gambling is one of the complicated industry when it comes to the legality of operations. Many countries are restricting this, and thus creating a void on what we know that is legal or not legal. Covering different countries, let’s try to take a look at illegal gambling practices around the globe. Read here the History of Gambling.

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Countries that State that Gambling is Illegal

  1. United Arab Emirates – One of the oldest and most known, Sharia Law makes gambling illegal in several countries, especially ones that practice the Muslim religion. Their beliefs are directly against gambling and everything about it.
  2. Cyprus – 2012 Betting Law of Crypus is something that needs to be taken note of when visiting this country. Gambling is legal to some extent. However, if one goes over the limits penalties and such are to be expected. Sports Betting is the only gambling allowed online, and up to 50 land-based machines are only allowed to operate in a casino.
  3. Japan – With the recent ban on gambling and gambling operations, many different activities related to gambling is banned in the country. But as of late, gambling laws in Japan has allowed several avenues for people to enjoy. Pachinko, a popular gambling game, is allowed due to its cultural and historical significance. Online gambling is still strictly prohibited, but land-based casinos can now operate in resorts, and other land-based options are already allowed since 2018.
  4. Singapore – Online gambling in Singapore is strictly prohibited. There are only two accepted avenues for players to play such as Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club. But with the loopholes around the law, many online operators can play and still do their work around these laws by the country.

Final Thoughts on the Legality of Gambling

As many countries ban gambling as an activity, many people are still asking Why Gambling is Illegal? We view this as a part of protection from the different governing bodies. Here are some reasons why we feel that It is illegal:

  1. Safety and Protection – Many people at times are being taken advantage of such an activity. Many people are looking for ways on how to grow their earnings. However, many cases come up as being scammed or their money lost even with winning.
  2. Gang Involvement – Historically, many people associate gambling with different gangs and such, thus it is directly connected to illicit activity. 
  3. Addiction and Mental Health Problems – As humans are genetically wired differently, over the years, addiction and cases concerning gambling in certain countries are on the rise. This caused many countries to ban the activity to control this issue. This at times evolves to bigger activities, such as crimes and whatnot.

We think that controlling gambling is one of the keys to making things better. It is a way for governments to provide another layer of protection, as well as protection to its citizens.

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